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The following songs are provided by Community Song Cycle through the Utah Pagan Clergy Association. They are a valuable tool for learning and should be used as such.  The following links will connect you to their site.
Community Song Cycle Released - The Utah Pagan Clergy Association is pleased to announce the completion of the website part of the project for the Community Song Cycle. This project is a re-release of the original Quickbeam Song Cycle from 1993, expanded and updated with several new and additional tracks, including original compositions from members of the Salt Lake Pagan Community.

The website contains complete MP3 format songs of the entire CD, complete song lyrics and a short history of the project. The compilation will also be re-released in CD format sometime in early 2004 and will be available at a nominal cost through the UPCA as well as other outlets.

The website is available at: http://www.bornpagan.com/upca/http://www.bornpagan.com/upca/song_cycle/

MP3 Downloads

Clicking on the links below will download
the song in MP3 format. You can also
right-click on the link and choose Save Target As.

Original 1993 Release Songs

The Goddess Chant
The God Chant
We Are A Circle
We All Come From the Goddess
Hoof and Horn
Horned One
Listen, Lady Listen
13 Trees Chant
We Are One
Spring Song Goddess
Spring Song God
The Earth is our Mother
Rhea of the Drum
Now the Green Blade Riseth
Air Moves Us
Burn Fire
The River Is Flowing
Dark Earth
I Circle Around
Blood of the Ancients
She's Been Waiting
We Are Awake in the Night
Grounding Chant
The Ocean is the Beginning of the Earth
Born of Water
Air I Am
Snake Woman
Rise With the Fire
Earth Water Fire Air
Hecate, Cerridwen
Touching Her Deep
I Am a Circle
Silver Shining Wheel
The Circle is Open

All above songs sung by Lady Raven, Gwen, Aisling and Kristin
Recorded at Chez Lapin

Bonus Tracks

The Teaching Song - Sung by Lady Raven

The Holly King - Sung by Windwood
The Song of the Greenwitch - Written and Sung by Windwood
The Circle Song - Written and Sung by Windwood

Spring Strathspey - Gwydion Pendderwen
Avalon - Michael Finnegan Rhys
The Oaken Grace - Michael Finnegan Rhys

Sung by Holly, Oak and Ivy
Vocals - Lady Raven, Jamie Gallegos, Randy Burks
Guitar -  Lady Raven, Jamie Gallegos