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Druid Organizations

There are many Druid Organizations around, each one with their own way of doing things. I cant say any one is wrong or any one is right. Many have changed from their original concepts and intents.  If you feel the need to join a group, please do look around first and find out as much information as you can about each individual group. Just as in any other organization or group, there are quacks as well as good ones. A larger organization or even an older one, doesn't make it better or more viable, as I said, they can change. There are some that charge money and some that don't. Some organizations profess primarily the nature side of druidry, while others profess the religious or ritualistic, and others profess the maintaining of celtic literature. Joining an organization is a personal determination - find out which one is right for you before you join.

Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD): The OBOD can be traced to two origins. One traces their origin to the Ancient Order of Druids (AOD) by Henry Hurle in England in 1781. This group split many times, due to disagreements, into many separate organizations. By 1918, five of these groups were trying to perform solstice ceremonies at Stonehenge. By 1955, they all disappeared except for the British Circle of Universal Bond which eventually split in 1963 to form the OBOD. The other origin of the OBOD, claims to trace their ancestry back through the AOD to a group founded in England in 1717 by John Toland. He is said to have combined local groups of Druids from 10 locations into the Mother Grove. The OBOD's current address is: PO Box 1333, Lewes, East Sussex, England, BN7 3ZG. Email address: office@obod.co.uk


The British Druid Order was founded in 1979 by Philip Shallcrass and Emma Restall Orr. They "see Druidry as a process of constant change and renewal whereby the tradition is continually recreated to address the needs of each generation." They currently have about 3,000 members, mostly in the UK. Their address is: British Druid Order, PO Box 29,
St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex TN37 7YP, England. Email addresses are: greywolf@druidorder.demon.co.uk and


The Reformed Druids of North America: This group started as an undergraduate prank at a Carleton College at Northfield, MN in 1963. (One source says 1957). The administration had required all students to attend church. In retaliation some students invented the RDNA. Many of the students wanted to continue the RDNA, even after the protest against the administration had been won. This group split off into various other groups, including:

Ar nDraiocht Fein: (ADF) Which means: "our own Druidism" and is pronounced "arn ree-ocht fane". It was founded by Isaac Bonewits who is currently the Archdruid Emeritus. The ADF emphasizes scholarly research, and " a blend of ancient practices and modern realities". His motto is "paganize mainstream religion by mainstreaming paganism". Their goal is to recreate a Pan-European Druidism, involving elements from Baltic, Celtic, Germanic Slavic and pre-classical Greek and Roman beliefs. They have at least 43 branches in the USA and Canada. Their Email is at address is: ADF-Office@adf.org Their postal address is: ADF, P.O. Box 17874, Tucson, AZ 85731-7874


The Henge of Keltria: Five ADF members compiled a list of 13 concerns about the ADF at the Pagan Spirit Gathering in 1986, Emulating the actions of Martin Luther, they attached the list to the door of Isaac Bonewits' van in 1986. Keltria has focused on ancient Celtic religion and holds only non-public rituals. They published a journal: Keltria: A Journal of Druidism and Celtic Magick" from 1986 to 1998.Write to: The Henge of Keltria P.O. Box 48360 Minneapolis, MN 55448 E-Mail: Keltria-Office@keltria.org


Imbas: Once an internet discussion group, Imbas is now a non-profit organisation devoted to the reconstruction of iron-age Celtic religion, based upon the home, family and tribe. Imbas emphasizes a solid grounding in academics, mythological texts and the folk tradition. Write to: IMBAS PO Box 1215
Montague NJ 07827-0215 USA Email:


Dalriada is a group dear to my (Mec's) heart. They are based in the Isle of Arran off the coast of Glasgow, Scotland. The group is working on a non-Neo-Pagan revival of ancient Celtic beliefs, with a greater emphasis on the lifestyle and daily customs of the Celts, rather than focusing on the ritualistic elements as is common in other Celtic religious groups.(NOTE: The webpage doesn't like Mozilla, but Internet Explorer Seems to Work)