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[O!] exclamation with the force of Eng. O! Oh! Alas!
[o] prep. a form of : bho, from, since, from that time, because, seeing that, for
[ob] va. and vn. refuse, reject, avoid; fail, give in or over
[b] nm. g.+a; v. ib; pl.+an, bay, creek, harbour
[obair] nf. g. oibre; pl. oibrichean, work, labour
[ban] nm. g. -ain; pl.+an, little bay or creek; an t-Oban, Oban
[obann] a. sudden, unexpected
[bh, bh!] interj. expressing wonder or derision
[ocar] nm. g.v. -air, interest on money
[och!] interj. expressing annoyance or trouble
[ochd] num. eight
[ochdnar] nm. and f. g.v. -air, eight persons
[ochin!] interj. expressing sorrow; accented on second syllable
[odhar] a. dun, dun-coloured, sallow
[g] a. g.v. ig; pl. ig and +an, young : an t-g, the young man
[gan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, a youth, sapling
[ganach] nm. g.v. -aich; pl. -aich, a youth
[ogha] nm. pl.+chan, grand-child of either sex
[glach] nm. g.v. -aich; pl. -aich, young man, man-servant
[oibrich] va. work, operate, labour; work to a consistency, mix; ferment
[oibriche] nm. pl.+an, worker, workman, labourer
[oide] nm. pl.+an and -achan, foster-father, step-father
[oidhche] nf. pl.+annan, night
[oidhirp] nf. pl.+ean, effort, attempt, endeavour, undertaking
[ifig] nf. pl.+ean, office
[ige] nf.ind. season of youth, youth-time
[igear] nm. g.v. -eir; pl.+an, young man
[igh] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, virgin, maiden
[Oigh Muire] pnf. : An Oigh Muire, The Virgin Mary
[oighre] nm. pl.+achan, heir
[oighreachd] nf. pl.+an, heirship, inheritance, land-estate
[igridh] nf. young folks, collectively
[oil] va. rear, educate
[oil] nf.ind. vexation, pain, grief : is oil leam, it is an offence to me : ge b' oil leis, in spite of him
[oilbheum] nm. g.v. -eim; pl.+an, offence, reproach
[oilean] nm. g.v. -ein, education, training, instruction, nurture
[oileanach] nm. g.v. -aich; pl. -aich, student, scholar
[oillt] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, terror, dread, horror
[oillteil] a. hideous, horrific, dreadful, disgusting
[oil-thigh] nm. g.+e; pl.+ean, school, seminary, college
[oir] for, because that
[oir] nm. g.+e; pl.+ean, edge, lip, border
[oirbh] prep.pron. on you, pl.
[irdheirc] a. famous, illustrious, noble, excellent, honourable, glorious
[irleach] nf. g.d. -ich; pl. -ich, inch
[oirnn] prep.pron. on us
[oirre] prep.pron. on her, on it, fem.
[oisinn] nm. pl. -nean, corner
[oisinneach] a. having corners, angles, or nooks
[oiteag] nf. g.d. -eig; pl.+an, breeze of wind, light blast
[l] va. l, drink
[l] nm. g.v. il, drinking, habit of drinking intoxicating liquors, drunkenness
[ola] nf. g. -aidh; pl. -aidhean, oil, ointment
[olann] nf. g.d. -ainn, wool
[olc] nm. g.v. uilc; pl. uilc, evil, mischief, wickedness
[olc] a. miosa, evil, bad, wicked
[ollamh] nm. g.v. -aimh; pl.+an, learned man, doctor
[onoir] nf. pl.+ean, honour, respect, dignity
[onorach] a. honourable, honest, distinguished, famed
[r] nm. g.v. ir, gold
[r] va. gild
[raid] nf. pl.+ean, speech, oration
[ran] for : amhran, nm. g.v. -ain; pl. -ain and +an, a song
[ranaiche] nm. pl.+an, singer, songster
[rd] nm. g.v. ird; pl. ird, hammer
[rdag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, thumb, big toe
[rdugh] nm. g.v. -uigh; pl. -uighean, an order, decree, command, arrangement, array; an ordinance, observance, rite : rdugh cath, battle array
[rduich] va. order, ordain, decree, command, arrange, assign
[orm] prep.pron. on me
[orra] prep.pron. on them
[ort] prep.pron. on you, s.
[os] above, over, in the phrs. : os cionn, overhead : os ird, publicly, loudly, openly : os osal, privately, secretly : os brr, besides, moreover
[osadh] nm. g.v. -aidh; pl. -aidhean, desisting, cessation, truce
[osag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, blast, breeze
[osan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, a hose, stocking
[sda] in : tigh-sda, an inn
[sdair] nm. pl.+ean, innkeeper
[osnadh] nf. g.d. -aidh; pl. -aidhean, groan, sigh, sob
[osnaich] nf. pl.+ean, sighing, groaning; sighs, groans
[ospag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, gasp, sob, sigh, pang
[othail] nf. hurry, confusion, hubbub
[othar] nm. g.v. -air; pl.+an, ulcer, abscess
[trach] nm. g.v. -aich; pl. -aichean, dung-hill; dung, filth



[padhadh] nm. g.v. -aidh, thirst
[Pdruig] pnm. Patrick; also Pdhruig, Para
[paidhir] nf. g. -reach; pl. -richean, a pair, couple, brace
[pigh] va. pay, remunerate
[pigheadh] nm. g.v. -idh, pay, paying, payment
[pailleart] nm. g.v. -eirt; pl.+an, a box on the ear, blow with the palm of the hand
[pilliun] nm. g.v. -iuin; pl.+an, pavilion, tent
[pailte] a. plentiful, abundant
[pailteas] nm. g.v. -eis, plenty, abundance
[paipear] nm. g.v. -eir; pl.+an, paper
[pirc] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, park
[pirt] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, part, share, portion
[pirtich] va. share, divide, impart, bestow
[pisde] nm. pl.+an, child
[paisg] va. pasgadh, wrap, fold in, roll together
[pait] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, a hump
[Pl] pnm. g.v. Phil, Paul; also Pl
[plais] nf. pl.+ean, palace
[pp] nm. g.+a; v. phip; pl.+an, pope : am Pp, the Pope
[Ppanach] pnm. g.v. -aich; pl. -aich, a papist; a. papist
[Para] See Pdruig
[prant] nm. pl.+an, parent
[Prlamaid] nf. pl.+ean, Parliament
[pathadh] See padhadh
[peabar] nm. g. -rach; v. -air; pl. -raichean, pepper
[peabraich] va. season with pepper
[peacach] nm. g.v. -aich; pl. -aich, sinner
[peacadh] nm. g.v. -aidh; pl. -aidhean, sin, a sin
[peacaich] va. sin, transgress, offend
[Peairt] pnf. Perth. Better Peirt
[peallach] a. shaggy, matted
[peallagach] a. shaggy, matted
[peanas] nm. g.v. -ais; pl.+an, punishment, penance
[peann] nm. g.v. pinn; pl.+tan, pen
[pearsa] nm. pl.+chan, person, anyone, bodily form
[pears-eaglais] nm. an ecclesiastic, clergyman
[peasair] nf. g. -rach; pl. -raichean, pease
[peasanachd] nf.ind. impertinence, impudence
[peighinn] nf. pl.+ean, penny
[Peigi] pnf. Peggy, pet form of Margaret
[peilear] nm. g.v. -eir; pl.+an, ball or bullet
[peilistear] nm. g.v. -eir; pl.+an, quoit, flat stone
[peilleart] See pailleart
[pin] nf. g.+e; pl.+tean, pain, torment. See pian
[peirceall] nm. g.v. -ill; pl. -clean, jaw, jawbone
[peiteag] nf. g.d. -eig; pl.+an, waistcoat, short jacket
[peucag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, pea-hen
[peur] nf. g. pire; d. pir; pl.+an, pear
[peurdag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, partridge
[pian] nf. g.d. pin; pl.+tan, pain
[pian] va. cause pain, torment
[pig] nm. pl.+ean, peak (nautical term)
[pigeadh] nm. g.v. -idh; pl. -idhean, earthen jar
[pill] va. turn, cause to turn
[pinnt] nm. g.+e; pl.+ean, pint
[pob] nf. g.+a; pl.+an, pipe; piob-mhla, bagpipe
[pobair] nm. pl.+ean, piper
[pioghaid] nf. pl.+ean, magpie
[piseach] nm. g.v. -ich, good fortune, prosperity, success, luck
[piseag] nf. g.d. -eig; pl.+an, kitten
[piuthar] nf. g. peathar; d. piuthair; pl. peathraichean, sister
[piutharail] a. sisterly
[placaid] nf. pl.+ean, wooden dish
[pladhadh] nm. g.v. -aidh; pl. -aidhean, a flash, sudden blaze
[plaide] nf. pl.+achan, blanket
[pligh] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, plague
[plaosg] nm. g.v. plaoisg; pl.+an, husk, empty shell, outer skin of a vegetable, egg-shell
[plaosg] va. peel, skin, open the eyes, burst from the husk
[plath-ln] nm. g.v. plaith-, a linen sheet
[ploc] nm. g.v. pluic; pl.+an, a large turf, clod, club with a round head, beetle for mashing potatoes, block of wood
[ploc] va. bruise, pound, mash, strike with a club
[plosg] nm. g. ploisg; pl.+an, throb of the heart, palpitation; sound of bursting
[plosg] vn. palpitate, throb, pant, gasp
[plosgartaich] nf. throbbing, starting, gasping
[plub] vn. plump, fall suddenly into water, give forth a noise as of liquid in a vessel
[plub] nm. g.v. pluib; pl.+an, sudden plunge, sound of a stone falling into water, sound of liquor in a vessel
[plubraich] nf. the noise of water being jumbled
[plch] va. squeeze, press
[pluic] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, a cheek
[pobull] nm. g.v. -uill; pl.+an, people, tribe, congregation
[pc] va. put into the pocket
[poca] nm. pl.+nnan, bag
[pca] nm. pl.+nnan, pocket, pouch
[pg] nf. g.d. pig; pl.+an, a kiss
[poit] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, pot : poit-chil, kale pot
[pit] nf. g.+e; drinking, tippling
[pitear] nm. g.v. -eir; pl.+an, tippler, drunkard
[poll] nm. g.v. puill; pl.+an, mire, mud, pool, puddle
[pnair] nf. bean; beans, collectively
[ponc], [pong] See punc
[pongail] See puncail
[pr] nm. g.v. pir; pl.+an, seed, spore, race, pore of the skin
[port] nm. g.v. puirt; pl. puirt, tune on a musical instrument : port a beul, a dance tune sung to doggerel
[portair] nm. pl.+ean, a porter, ferryman, gatekeeper
[Port-an-eilein] pnm. Portanellan
[ps] va. marry, perform the marriage ceremony
[psadh] n. and v.n. g. -aidh; pl. -aidhean, marrying, marriage
[psda] a. married
[post] va. tramp with the feet
[post] nm. g.v. puist; pl.+achan, pillar, post
[post] and [posta] nm. g.v. puist; pl.+achan, post, letter carrier
[postachd] nf.ind. the business of the post office
[prbar] nm. g.v. -air; pl.+an, the rabble
[prmh] nm. g.v. primh, slumber, slight sleep, dejection
[prasach] nf. g.d. -aich; pl. -aich; manger, crib
[preas] nm. g.v. pris; pl.+an, bush, shrub
[preasarnach] nf. g.d. -aich, shrubbery
[priobadh] nm. g.v. -aidh; pl. -aidhean, winking, twinkling
[promh] a. prime, chief, principal
[prionnsa] nm. pl.+chan, prince
[prionnsa-fuadain] nm. fugitive prince; inflected on the first element
[prosan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, prison
[prosanach] nm. g.v. -aich; pl. -aich, prisoner
[prosanaich] va. imprison
[prs] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, price, respect
[prseil] a. valuable, precious
[prne] nm. pl.+achan, pin for fixing clothes (L.Sc. preen)
[prnich] va. secure with pins
[probhaist] nm. pl.+ean, provost
[pris] nf. g.+e, pride, haughtiness
[priseil] a. prideful, haughty
[pronn] va. pound, mash, bray
[pronnasg] nm. g.v. -aisg, brimstone, sulphur
[pc] va. push, jostle
[puinneag] nf. g.d. -eig; pl.+an, sucker
[puinsean] nm. g.v. -ein; pl. -einean, poison
[puist] See post
[pulag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, round stone, ball, pedestal
[punc] nm. g.v. puinc; pl.+an, point or stop, note in music
[puncail] a. distinct, exact, accurate
[pund] nm. g.v. puind; pl. puind, pound
[purgadair] nm. pl.+ean, purifier, purgatory
[purgaid] nf. pl.+ean, a purge
[purr] va. push, thrust, drive, urge, butt, strike with the head
[put] va. push, thrust, strike with the head, butt
[putag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, oar pin, thowl
[putan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, a button
[puth] nf.ind. pl.+an, a puff
[puthag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, a little puff



['r] for : ar, our; after prep. ending in vow.
['r] for : ur, your; after prep. ending in vow.
[r'] for ri, to, towards; before poss.pron. beginning with vowel
[ra] for ro, q.v.
[rabhadh] nm. g.v. -aidh; pl. -aidhean, a warning, advertisement
[rc] nm. g.v. ric; pl.+an, rake
[rc] nm. g.v. ric, the call of a duck, quack
[rach] va.irr. go, proceed
[radan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl. -ain, rat
[rdh] nm. g.v. ridh; pl. ridhean, saying, word, adage
[radharc] nm. g.v. -airc, sight, power of vision, view, prospect
[ra-dorcha] nm. the time of the moon's being in the wane
[rag] a. stiff, rigid, benumbed, obstinate, inflexible, disinclined
[ragaich] va. and vn. stiffen, make stiff, become stiff
[raineach] nf. g.d. -ich, fern, brackens; also, roineach
[rinig] va.irr. reached, arrived, came
[rith] nm. g.+e; pl.+ean, quarter of a year
[ritheil] a. quarterly
[rmh] nm. g.v. rimh, pl.+an, oar
[rmhach] a. oared, fitted with oars
[rmhachd] nf.ind. rowing
[rmhair] nm. pl.+ean, rower
[rn] nm. g.v. rin; pl. rin, roar, loud cry
[rn] va.+aich, roar, cry out
[rnaich] nf. roaring
[rann] nf. g.d. roinn; pl.+an, part, portion, division, section, verse
[rannsaich] va. search, scrutinize, examine minutely
[ranntachd] nf.ind. poetising, versification
[raoir] in : an raoir, last night (L.Sc. yestreen)
[raoitearachd] nf.ind. carousing
[raon] nf. g.d. raoin; pl. raointean, field, plain, a green
[Raonall] pnm. g.v. -aill, Ronald
[rsdail] va. -aladh, rake, harrow
[rsdal] nm. g.v. -ail; pl.+an, rake
[rath] nm. g.+a; v. raith, prosperity, luck, advantage
[rth] nm. g.+a; v. rith; pl.+an, raft
[rathad] nm. g.v. -aid; pl. -aidean, road, way, direction
[rathail] a. prosperous
[rthan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, surety : chaidh e an rthan air, he became surety for him
[Rath-thuaidhe] pnm. Rahoy
[r] nm. time, season, space of time, duration of time, lifetime; during
[r] nf.ind. the moon
[reabhairt] nf. pl.+ean, the time of spring-tide
[reachd] nm. pl.+an, law, statute, ordinance, act, regulation
[reamhar] a. fat, plump, thick, gross
[reamhraich] va. and vn. fatten, become fat
[reannag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, star; also, rionnag
[reasd] nm. arrestment
[reasgach] a. stubborn, perverse, irascible, restive
[reic] va. reic, sell
[reic] nm. sale, selling
[reiceadair] nm. pl.+ean, seller, vendor, salesman
[ridh] a. plain, level, smooth, uninterrupted, ready, arranged
[ridheachd] nf.ind. plainness, state of being level, smoothness,
readiness, state of being arranged
[ridhlean] nm. g.v. -ein; pl. -einean, a green, level plain
[rir] in : do rir, a rir, according to, as, like as : ma rir, free
[ris] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, a race
[ris] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, a span
[risimeid] nf. pl.+ean, regiment
[rite] nf. pl.+an, concord, agreement, reconciliation, marriage contract
[riteachd] nf.ind. state of being reconciled, disentangled or settled
[reithe] nm. pl.+achan, a ram
[ritich] va. and vn. reconcile, conciliate, ratify, set in order, disentangle, settle, settle terms of marriage
[reodhadh] nm. g.v. -aidh, frost, freezing, or causing to freeze
[reodh] va. and vn. freeze, become frozen
[reub] va. tear, rend, mangle, abuse
[reubainn] nf. rapine, robbery
[reubair] nm. pl.+ean, robber, violent person, despoiler
[reubal] nm. g.v. -ail; pl. -ail, rebel
[reubalach] a. rebellious
[reudan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, timber moth
[reul] nf. g.d. ril; pl.+tan, star
[reul-iil] nf. guiding star; inflected on the first element
[reultair] nm. pl.+ean, astronomer
[reusan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, a reason, cause
[reusanta] a. reasoned, reasonable
[ri] prep. to, towards, against, engaged at : cho math ri sin, as good as that, as well as that
[riabhach] a. brindled, grizzled
[riabhag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, woodlark, hedge sparrow
[riach] va. cut the surface, graze the skin
[riadh] nm. g.v. ridh, interest of money
[riaghail] va. -ladh, rule, govern, regulate
[riaghailt] nf. pl.+ean, a rule, regulation
[riaghladh] nm. ruling, governing, regulating
[riaghlair] nm. pl.+ean, ruler, governor
[riamh] ever, before, always; used only of past time : bha e riamh mar sin, he was ever so : cha robh mi riamh an so, I was never here before
[rian] nm. pl.+an, order, arrangement, mode
[rianaich] va. arrange, distribute
[riar] nm. g.v. rir, pleasure, will, inclination, desire
[riaraich] va. satisfy, distribute, share
[rib] va. ensnare
[ribe] nm. pl.+achan, a tatter, rag, snare
[ribeag] nf. g.d. -eig; pl.+an, little tatter, rag, or bunch of hair; tassel
[ribheid] nf. pl.+ean, reed of a musical instrument
[rbhinn] See rghinn
[ridir] nm. pl.+ean, knight
[rgh] nm. pl.+rean, king
[rgh-chathair] nf. -rach; pl. -raichean, throne
[righe] nm. pl.+an, the forearm
[righil] va. dance, reel; nf. g. -le; pl. -leachan, a dance, reel; also, ruidhle
[righinn] a. tough, elastic, adhesive, flexible; dilatory, pliant, tenacious
[rghinn] nf. g. -ne; pl. -nean, nymph, young lady
[rghnich] va. and vn. make tough, become tough, make adhesive, become adhesive, prolong the time
[rinn] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, point, sharp edge
[rinn] va.irr. did, made
[riob] nm. g.+a; pl.+achan, a rag, tuft of hair
[riochd] nm. g.+a; pl.+an, likeness, form, appearance, state, condition
[riochdaich] va. personate, represent
[roghachd] nf. pl.+an, kingdom
[roghail] a. royal, kingly
[roghalachd] nf.ind. royalty
[romhach] a. richly adorned, fine, costly, handsome, elegant
[romhadh] nm. g.v. -aidh, finery, richness of raiment
[rionnach] nm. g.v. -aich; pl. -aichean, mackerel
[rreadh] in : da rreadh, truly, actually, indeed
[ris] prep. to, towards; see ri; precedes the art.
[ris] prep.pron. towards him : a chasan ris, his feet exposed : leig ris e, expose it, discover it, lay it open
[rs] for : rithis, a rithis, again
[rithe] prep.pron. towards her
[rithis] again. See rs
[ri] for riutha, prep.pron. towards them
[riut] prep.pron. towards you : c bha riut, who was meddling you?
[ro], [ro-] very, rather, exceedingly : ro mhaith, very good; precedes adj. mostly, and aspirates con. following it
[Rob] pnm. for Roibeart, Robert
[robair] nm. pl.+ean, robber
[robh] sv.irr. was, were; = ro-bha, and is the form which follows verbal part. and prep. : cha robh, was not : an robh, was ...? : nach robh, was ... not?
[rcas] and [rcais] nf. g.d. -ais; pl.+an and +ean, rook, a crow
[ro-chlireach] nm. g.v. -ich; pl. -ich, over-learned person
[roghainn] nm. pl.+ean, choice, selection, choosing, the best of anything
[roghnaich] va. choose, select
[Roibeart] pnm. g.v. -eirt, Robert
[ric] va. tear
[ric] nm. g.+e; pl.+ean, a rough, unrefined feast
[riceach] a. given to rough feasting
[roid] nf. g.+e, bogmyrtle
[roid] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, short race, such as that before a leap
[roimh] prep. before (in respect of place, or position), before (in respect of time); in preference to : roimh limh, before-hand
[roimhe] prep.pron. before him; before, before now, formerly, previously
[Rimh] pnf. g.+e, Rome
[roimpe] prep.pron. before her
[rin] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, a hair
[rineag] nf. g.d. -eig; pl.+an, a little hair
[roinn] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, a share, portion, division, section : air an aon roinn, in the same category
[roinn] va. roinn, divide, impart, distribute
[rmach] a. hairy, towsy
[romhad] prep.pron. before you, s.
[romhaibh] prep.pron. before you, pl.
[romhainn] prep.pron. before us
[romham] prep.pron. before me
[rompa] prep.pron. before them
[rn] nm. g.v. rin; pl. rin, a seal or sea-calf
[ronn] nm. g.v. roinn; pl.+an, slaver, spittle
[ronnach] a. viscous, glutinous, slimy
[rpa] nm. pl.+n, rope
[rs] nm. g.v. ris; pl.+an, a rose
[ros] nm. g.v. rois; pl.+an, promontory or isthmus
[rosg] nm. g.v. ruisg; pl.+an, eyelid, eyelash
[Ros-neothaich] pnm. Roseneath
[roth] nm. g.+a; v. roith; pl.+an, a wheel
[r] nm.ind. the plant rue
[ruadh] a. reddish, red-haired
[ruadhag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, young hind or roe
[ruadh-bhoc] nm. g.v. -bhuic; pl.+an and -bhuic, roebuck
[ruadh-dhonn] a. reddish brown
[ruag] va. pursue, put to flight
[ruagadh] nm. g.v. -aidh, chasing, pursuing
[ruaidh] See ruadh
[ruaig] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, a pursuit, a flight, defeat
[ruaimleach] a. muddy, as water (L.Sc. drumlie)
[ruamhair] va. ruamhar, delve, dig with a spade
[ruathar] nm. g.v. -air; pl.+an, violent onset, fierce attack
[rubha] nm. pl.+chan, point of land jutting into the sea, promontory, cape, headland
[ruc] nm. g.v. ruic; pl.+an and +annan, rick of hay or corn
[rud] nm. g.v. ruid; pl.+an, thing, matter, circumstance : rudeiginn, something : rud beag, somewhat
[rdan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, a knuckle
[rudha] See rubha
[rudha] nm. g.v.+idh; a blush, bloom, ruddiness of complexion
[rdhraich] va. search for, grope
[rug] va.irr. caught, bore
[rugadh] va.irr. was born, was caught
[ruideas] nm. g.v. -eis, frisking, capering
[ruig] va.+heachd and +sinn, reach, extend to, arrive at, attain to : cha ruig mi leas, I need not
[ruig] in : gu ruig, to, so far as, until
[ruigheachd] nf.ind. reaching, extending to, arriving at, attaining to
[ruigsinn] nf.ind. same meaning as ruigheachd
[rin] See rn
[ruinn] prep.pron. towards us
[risg] va. rsgadh, bare, strip, peel, bark, shear, disclose
[ruiteach] a. ruddy
[ruith] va. ruith, run, flow as a stream : 'na ruith, running
[rm] nm. g.v. rim; pl.+annan, room, place, space; a room, chamber
[rn] nm. g.v. rin; pl. rintean, intention, purpose, secret, love : sgeul rin, secret story : tha rn orm, I purpose or intend
[rnaich] va. and vn. resolve, purpose, incline, wish
[rnair] nm. pl.+ean, secretary
[rn-chlireach] nm. g.v. -ich; pl. -ich, secretary
[rn-domhair] nm. g.v. rin-; pl. rintean-, secret purpose, mystery
[rraich] va. search diligently, rummage
[rsg] nm. g.v. risg; pl.+an, external covering, rind, skin, husk, fleece, bark of tree