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[l] and [latha] nm. pl. lithean, day
[l-arn-a-mhireach] nm. the morrow
[labhair] va.+t, speak
[labhairt] v.n.ind. speaking, speech
[labhrach] a. talkative, loquacious
[L-bhreitheanais] pnm. the Day of Judgment
[lach] nf. g.+a; d. laich; pl.+an, a wild duck
[lachdunn] a. dun, tawny, swarthy
[ladar] nm. g.v. -air; pl. -air, ladle
[ladarna] a. bold, impudent, shameless
[ladarnas] nm. g.v. -ais, audacity, impudence
[ladhar] nm. g.v. -air; pl. -ran, hoof
[lag] a. weak, feeble, faint
[lag] nm. g.v. luig; pl.+an, hollow, dell
[lagan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl. -ain, little hollow or dell
[lagh] nm. g.+a; pl.+annan, law, order, method : air lagh, stretched as a bow string
[laghach] a. nice, tidy, neat, pretty
[laghail] a. legal, lawful
[laidh] See laigh
[Lag-an-rta] pnm. Logierait
[laidhe] See laighe
[lidir] a. +e and treasa (see treise), strong, powerful, secure, fortified
[laigh] va. and vn. laighe, lie, lie down, subside, recline
[laighe] v.n. lying, reclining, subsiding
[laigse] nf. weakness, debility, feebleness
[limh ri] by, near to, at hand. See lmh
[limhsich] va. handle, feel or touch with the fingers, finger, treat a subject, thing or person
[laimrig] nf. pl.+ean, a landing-place, a natural pier
[line] a. fuller
[lainnir] nf. polish, brightness
[lir] nf. g. lrach; pl. lraichean, mare
[lirig] nf. pl.+ean, sloping hill, moor
[laiste] a. blazing, alight, lighted up
[lithean] See l
[lmh] nf. g. limhe; d. limh; pl.+an, hand : lmh dheas, the right hand : lmh chl, left hand : limh ri, near to : roimh limh, beforehand
[lmhainn] nf. pl.+ean, glove
[lamh-lidir] nf. force, violence, the strong hand; inflected on the first element
[lamh-sgrobhaidh] nf. one's hand-writing, signature; inflected on the first element
[ln] a. full, complete, filled, satisfied, governs the g. of n.
[ln] nm. a full, fulness, repletion
[lnan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, married couple, couple of roof
[langan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, bellow of deer
[langanaich] nf. bellowing of deer
[lann] nf. g. lainne; d. lainn; pl.+an, blade, sword, scale as of fish, lancet
[lann] nf. g. lainne; d. lainn; pl.+an, inclosure, house, repository, apartment
[Lannraig] pnf. Lanark
[laoch] nm. g.v. laoich; pl. laoich, hero, champion, warrior
[laochan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, little hero, familiar term in applauding a boy
[laogh] nm. g.v. laoigh; pl. laoigh, calf
[laoidh] nm. g.+e; pl.+ean, lay, hymn, sacred poem
[laoigh] See laogh
[lapach] a. benumbed, feeble, impotent, faltering
[laparan] nm. g.v. -ain; moving with a halt (L.Sc. hirplin)
[lr] nm. g.v. lir; pl. lir, the ground, floor, ground floor
[lrach] nf. g.d. -aich; pl. -aichean, the site of a building, abode, habitation
[las] va. kindle, set fire to, light, get into a passion
[lasaich] va. slacken, loose, relax
[lasair] nf. g. -rach; pl. -raichean, flame, flash of fire
[lasgair] nm. pl.+ean, young spark
[lasrach] a. emitting flames
[latha] nm. day, one day, certain day. See l
[lthach] nf. g.d. -aich, clay, mire, puddle
[lathail] a. daily
[lthair] nf. presence : an lthair, present : 'na lthair, in his presence : lthair, truly! indeed!
[lthaireachd] nf.ind. presence
[le] prep. with, together with, by means of, in possession of, on the side of
[labag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, flounder (L.Sc. fluckie)
[leabaidh] nf. g. leapa; pl. leapachan, bed
[leabhar] nm. g.v. -air; pl. -raichean, book, volume
[leabhar aidmheil a' chreidimh] the book of the Confession of faith
[leabhar-reiceadair] nm. pl. -reiceadairean, bookseller; inflected on the second element
[leabhran] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, little book, booklet
[leac] nf. g. lice; d. lic; pl.+an, flagstone, plate, cheek
[leacann] nf. g.d. -ainn; pl.+an, steep shelvy ground
[leac-an-teintein] nf. g.d. lic-; pl. leacan-, hearth-stone
[leadair] va. +t, mangle, rend, abuse
[leadan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, a rosary, lock of hair, the herb teazle; a musical strain
[leag] va. +ail and +adh, throw down, knock down, lay down
[leagail] and [leagadh] nm. pl.+ean, fall, throwing down, knocking down, demolishing, settling down : An leagadh, Adam's fall
[leagh] va. and vn. melt, become liquid
[leam] prep.pron.; leamsa, emph.pron.; with me, by me, in my possession
[leamh] a. importunate, impertinent, foolish, insipid, silly
[Leamhanach] pnm. g.v. -aich : An Leamhanach, The Lennox
[lean] va. +ailt and +tainn, follow, adhere to, stick to, continue
[lan] nm. g.+a; v. lin; pl.+an, meadow, lawn
[leanabail] and [leanabaidh] a. childish
[leanaban] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, infant, little child
[leanabh] nm. g.v. leinibh; pl. -aibh, child
[leanachd (ri)] nf.ind. sticking to
[lanag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, little meadow, lawn or plain
[leann] nm. g.+a, ale, beer, liquor
[leann-dubh] nm. melancholy, dejection, sadness; inflected on both elements
[leantainn] v.n. following, pursuing, adhering to
[leannan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, sweetheart, lover
[learg] nf. g.d. leirg; pl.+an, sloping plain, a sea coast
[leas] nm.ind. advantage, benefit, profit, improvement
[leas] nf. g.d. leis, the thigh; collectively : leasraidh
[leasaich] va. amend, improve, rectify, correct, manure, cultivate
[leasg] a. lazy, slothful, unwilling, loath; usually : leisg
[leat] prep.pron. with you, by you, in your possession
[leatha] prep.pron. with her, by her, in her possession
[leathad] nm. g.v. -aid; pl. leidean, declivity, side of a hill, slope
[leathann] a. lithne, broad
[leathar] nm. g. -rach; v. -air, leather
[leatrom] nm. g. -truim, burden, weight
[leig] va. and vn. +eil and +eadh, let, let out, let go, permit, allow, milk, rain : leig leis, permit him : leigidh mi fhaicinn duit, I'll let you see : leig as, let away
[leigeil] v.n. letting, allowing, setting free, raining, milking
[ligh] nm. pl.+ean, physician, surgeon
[leigheas] nm. g.v. -eis; pl.+an, cure, remedy; healing, curing
[leighis] va. -eas, cure, heal, remedy
[line] nf. pl. -tean, shirt, shift, smock, winding-sheet
[leinn] prep.pron. with us, by us, in our possession
[lir] nm. sight, perception, power of seeing or being seen : is lir dhomh, I see
[lir] in the phr. : gu lir, altogether, entirely, wholly
[lir] va. torment, pain, distress
[lirsgrios] nm. pl.+an, utter destruction
[leis] prep.pron. with him, by him, in his possession
[leis] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, thigh. See leas
[leis] prep. before the art. an : leis an sin, on that account. See le
[leisg] a. better : leasg
[leisg] nf. g.+e, laziness, sloth, slothfulness, indolence
[leisgean] nm. g.v. -ein; pl. -einean, lazy person, sluggard
[leisgeul] nm. g.v. -eil; pl.+an, excuse, pretence; also lethsgeul
[leithid] nm. pl.+ean, the like, equal
[leitir] nf. g. -reach; pl. -richean, side of a hill or country
[le] prep.pron. with them, by them, in their possession
[leghann] nm. g.v. -ainn; pl.+an, lion
[leghanta] a. brave as a lion
[leinte] a. wounded, hurt, grieved, afflicted
[leir] See ler
[lem] nf. g. leime; d. leim, pride, conceit, vainglory
[lemach] a. conceited, vainglorious, affected
[len] nm. g.v. lein; pl.+tan, wound, hurt, grief, affliction
[len] va. wound, hurt, grieve, afflict
[ler] nf.ind. plenty, sufficiency, enough : a ler, his fill : gu leir, enough : is ler leam, I think it sufficient
[le 'r] with our, by our, for : le ar
[le 'r] with your, by your, for : le bhur
[leth] nm.ind. half, one of two : ceud gu leth, a hundred and a half, 150 : leth-uair, half an hour : leth-taobh, one side : leth-shuil, one eye : leth-cheann, one side of the head : leth-lamh, one hand : leth-chas, one leg : leth-bhreac, one of a pair, correlative, equal, match : as a leth, on his behalf : leth-thmh, half idleness : lethcheud, fifty
[leud] nm. g.v. leid; pl.+an, breadth
[leudaich] va. and vn. make broad, enlarge, dilate; enlarge upon
[leug] nf. g. lige; d. lig; pl.+an, precious stone, jewel
[leugh] va. read, peruse
[leughadair] nm. pl.+ean, reader
[leum] va. leum, leap, jump, bound, skip
[leum] nm. g.+a; pl.+annan, leap, jump, bound, skip
[leus] nm. g.v. leis; pl. leis, a light, torch, blister, a ray, beam or blink of light
[liath] a. lithe, grey, greyheaded, mouldy
[liathaich] va. and vn. make grey, become grey
[liathghorm] a. greyish blue
[lic] See leac
[lide] and [lideadh] nm. g.v. -idh; pl. -idhean, syllable, articulation, least part of a word
[lighiche] nm. pl.+an, physician, surgeon, leech
[linn] nm. pl.+tean, generation, age, century; race, offspring, family
[lnn] nm. g.+e; pl.+tean, brood
[linne] nf. pl.+achan, linn, pool, pond, gulf, arm of the sea
[linntean] pl. of linn
[liobasta] a. -aiste, slovenly, awkward, clumsy
[lomh] va. polish, smooth
[lon] nm. g.v. ln, lint, flax
[lon] nm. g.v. ln; pl.+tan, net, fishing net
[lon] va. and vn. fill, replenish, satiate, become full
[lon] in : cia lon, how many?
[lonadh] nm. g.v. -aidh, filling, replenishing, flowing of the tide
[lonmhor] a. numerous, plentiful, copious, populous
[lionn] See leann
[lios] nf. g. lise; d. lis; pl.+an, garden, orchard
[Lte] pnf. Leith
[lth] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, colour, hue, tinge
[litir] nf. g. -reach; pl. -richean, letter, epistle; letter of the alphabet
[litreachas] nm. g.v. -ais, literature
[litrich] va. spell, put in letters
[liubhair] va.+t and -radh, deliver, give to, surrender
[liuthad] so many, many, several
[l] for : l
[lobh] va. and vn. rot, putrify, make putrid, become putrid
[locar] nm. g.v. -air; pl.+an, carpenter's plane
[loch] nm. g.+a; pl.+an, loch, lake, arm of the sea
[Loch-abar] pnm. Lochaber
[lochan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, little loch, pond, dam
[Loch-ceatharn] pnm. Loch Katrine
[lochd] nm. g.+a; pl.+an, blemish, defect, harm, evil, mischief
[lochdach] a. faulty, defective; criminal, hurtful
[Loch Laomainn] pnm. Loch Lomond
[Loch-nan-eala] pnm. Loch Nell
[lchran] nm. g.v. -ain; pl. -ain, torch, light, lamp
[lodan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, little pool
[lin] See ln
[loinid] nf. pl.+ean, churn staff
[linidh] nm.ind. rheumatism
[loinn] nf. g.+e, good condition, comeliness, charm
[loinneil] a. comely, elegant, beautiful, bright
[loisg] va. and vn. losgadh, burn, cause to burn, consume, scorch, fire as a gun, set flame to
[lom] a. luime, bare, bald, shaven, cropped : air lom, into view
[lom] nm. g.v. luim, pl. luim, a plain, bare surface
[lomair] va.+t, fleece; shear, as sheep
[lomairt] v.n. fleecing, shearing
[lomnochd] a. naked, uncovered
[lomraich] va. fleece; shear, as sheep
[lon] nm. g.v. loin; pl. loin, elk
[ln] nm. g.v. lin, food, provision
[ln] nm. g.v. lin; pl. lintean, meadow, lawn, morass, pool
[lon-dubh] nm. g.v. loin-duibh; pl. loin-dubha, blackbird
[long] nf. g. luinge; d. luing; pl.+an, ship
[lorg] nf. g. luirge; d. luirg; pl.+an, staff, crutch, haft of a spear
[lorg] nf. g. luirge; d. luirg; pl.+an, foot-print, track, path, mark or sign
[lorgaich] va. trace, track, search, pursue
[lorgair] nm. pl.+ean, tracker, a dog that follows the scent
[los] nm.ind. purpose, intention, sake, account : a los, for the purpose of, for the sake of, on account of, with the intention of
[losgadh] v.n. burning, combustion
[losgunn] nf. g.d. -uinn; pl.+an, frog, toad
[lot] nm. g.v. loit; pl.+an; wound, hurt
[lot] va. wound, pierce, hurt
[loth] nf. g.+a; pl.+an, filly
[lothag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, little filly
[luach] nm.ind. value, worth
[luachair] nf. g. -rach, rushes, taken collectively
[luachmhor] a. valuable, precious
[luadh] nm. g.v. luaidh, fulling
[luadhadh] v.n. fulling
[luaidh] va. luadhadh, thicken cloth by fulling
[luaidh] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, lead, leaden shot, lead or plummet of sounding line
[luaineach] a. unsettled, restless, inconstant, fickle, uncertain
[luaisg] va. and vn. luasgadh, shake, wave, toss, swing, rock
[luaithe] a. quicker, swifter, faster, sooner, speedier
[luaithre] nf.ind. ashes
[luasgadh] v.n. waving, tossing, swinging, rocking
[luath] nf. g.+ainn; d. luaith, ashes
[Luath] pnm. dog's name, meaning `speedy'
[luath] a. quick, swift, fast, fleet, soon, speedy : cho luath 's a, as soon as
[luathaich] va. and vn. hasten, make haste, accelerate, speed
[luathas] nm. g.v. -ais, quickness, swiftness, speed
[lb] va. and vn. bend, incline, stoop, humble, yield, consent
[lb] nf. g.d. lib; pl.+an, bend, loop, noose, snare
[lub] nm. g.+a; v. luib; pl.+annan, pool, dub, puddle
[luch] nf. g.+a; d. luich; pl.+an, mouse
[luchag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, mousie
[lchairt] nf. pl.+ean, palace, castle
[luchd] nm. g.+a; pl.+an, burden, load, cargo
[luchd] nm. people, folk, a set; used mostly in compound words
[luchdaich] va. load
[luchd-dimh] nm. relations, kindred
[luchd-dthcha] nm. countrymen
[luchd-imrich] nm. flitters, those removing from one residence to another
[luchd-siubhail] nm. travellers
[ldag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, the little finger
[ldagan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, hinge
[ldan], [ldnan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, hinge
[lugha] a. less, smaller
[lughad] nf. g. -aid, littleness
[lughdaich] va. and vn. lessen, diminish, assuage, mitigate
[lib] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, fold, corner, angular turning as of a stream, creek
[luibh] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, herb, plant
[luid] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, rag, drudge, ragged slovenly one, slut
[luideach] a. ragged, slovenly, shaggy
[luideag] nf. g.d. -eig; pl.+an, little rag
[luideagach] a. ragged, tattered
[luidhear] nm. g.v. -eir; pl.+an, chimney, vent
[luidseach] nm. g.v. -ich; pl. -ichean, lumbering person; also luidse
[luinge] See long
[luingeas] nm. g.v. -eis, shipping; also ship
[luinneag] nf. g.d. -eig; pl.+an, ditty, chorus
[lireach] nf. g.d. -ich; pl. -ichean, large cloak or covering, covering of mail, patched garment or covering
[luirg] nf. g. -inn; pl.+nean, shank, shin, leg, shaft or handle, haft, stalk of plant
[lunn] nm. g.v. luinn; pl.+an, handle of an oar, staff, lever, an unbroken wave
[Lunnainn] pnf. London
[Lunndaidh] surname, Lundie
[lunndair] nm. pl.+ean, sluggard, idler, lazy, indolent person
[lurach] a. lovely, pretty, nimble, lively, delightful
[luraiche] a. more lovely, pretty, nimble, lively and delightful
[lurgann] nf. g.d. -ainn; pl. luirgnean, shin. See luirg
[lus] nm. g.v. luis; pl.+an, herb, plant, weed
[Lus] pnm. Luss
[lusach] a. full of herbs, plants or weeds
[lth] nm. g.+a; v. lith, strength, power, vigour, activity, pith
[lth-chleas] nm. g.+a; pl.+an, agility, a manly feat, athletic exercises, sleight of hand, jugglery
[lthmhor] a. strong, able, powerful, agile, supple



[m'] for : mo, my; precedes vow. and f asp.
['m] for : am, the art. and the verbal part.; follows prep. ending in vow.
[m'] for : mu, about, before; precedes poss.pron. beginning with vow. and the art. and the verbal part. an or am
[ma] if : ma ta, well then, very well
[mb] va. abuse, vilify, reproach angrily
[mabach] a. lisping, stammering, stuttering in speech
[mabair] nm. pl.+ean, stammerer, stutterer
[mac] nm. g.v. mic; pl. mic, son, the young of any animal
[Mac a' Chombaich] pnm. Colquhoun
[macan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, little son, sonnie
[macanta] a. -ainte, meek, mild, gentle, `filial'
[macantas] nm. g.v. -ais, meekness, mildness, gentleness
[Mac-an-Rothaich] pnm. Munro
[Mac Gill-eathain] pnm. Maclean
[Mac Griogair] pnm. MacGregor
[Mac Lachlainn] pnm. MacLachlan
[Mac Nill Bharra] pnm. MacNeil of Barra
[Mac Rath] pnm. MacRae
[Mac Sheumais] pnm. Jamieson, MacHamish
[mach] n. out, without, outside, should be used only with v. of motion : am mach ort, out you go. See muigh
[machair] nf. g. -rach; pl. -raichean, field, plain, level country : A' mhachair ghallda, the low country, Lowland Scotland
[mac-leisg] nm. g.v. mic-; pl. mic-, lazy, indolent person
[mac-mthar] nm. mother's son; inflected on the first element
[mac-meanmna] nm. the fancy, the imagination
[macraidh] nf.ind. youths, regarded collectively
[mac-talla] nm.ind. echo
[madadh] nm. g.v. -aidh; pl. -aidhean, dog, any wild animal of the dog species, hound, mastiff
[madadh-alluidh] nm. wolf; inflected on first element
[madadh-donn] nm. otter; inflected on both elements
[madadh-ruadh] nm. fox; inflected on both elements
[mdar] nm. g.v. -air, madder (dye stuff)
[maduinn] nf. g. maidne; pl. maidnean, morning
[mg] nf. g.d. mig; pl.+an, paw, ludicrous term for the hand
[mag] va. scoff, mock, deride
[mgair] va. -aran, creep, crawl, handle clumsily, paw
[magair] nm. pl.+ean, mocker
[mgaran] nm. g.v. -ain, creeping on all fours
[magh] nm. g.v. maigh; pl.+an, field, level country, plain
[maghar] nm. g.v. -air; pl. -airean, a bait for fishing with
[maide] nm. pl.+an, wood, timber, a stick
[maidne] See maduinn
[midsear] nm. g.v. -eir; pl.+an, a major in the army
[maighdean] nf. g.d. -inn; pl.+an, maid, maiden, virgin
[maigheach] nf. g.d. -ich; pl. -ichean, hare
[maighstir] nm. pl.+ean, master, title applied to clergymen of the Scottish Church : Maighstir Alasdair, the Rev. Alexander
[maighstir-sgoile] nm. schoolmaster
[mileid] nf. pl.+ean, bag, wallet, budget
[maille] nf.ind. delay, hindrance, slowness
[maille ri] for : am maille ri, along with
[mair] vn. -sinn, last, live, continue
[mairbh] See marbh
[mireach] for : am bireach : am mireach, an l mireach, tomorrow
[maireann] a. lasting, continuing, abiding, remaining
[Miri] pnf. Mary
[maise] nf.ind. beauty, comeliness, ornament, decoration
[maiseach] a. beautiful, comely, ornamental, decorated
[maith] a. farr, fharr and feobha, good, fit, useful, virtuous, becoming, valid, skilled, in good health, etc. : is maith leam, I am glad, I am pleased. See math
[maith] va. forgive, pardon
[maithean] nm. pl. nobles, upper class of society. See math
[maitheanas] nm. g.v. -ais, pardon, forgiveness
[maitheas] nm. g.v. -eis, goodness, kindness, bounty
[ml] nm. g.v. mil; pl.+an, rent, tax, tribute
[mla] nf. g.d. -aidh; pl. -aidhean, bag, budget, sack, bag of a bagpipe
[mala] nf. g.d. malaidh; pl. mailghean, eyebrow
[mal] See mol, shingle
[malairt] nf. pl.+ean, exchange, barter, buying and selling
[mlda] a. mild, calm, gentle, modest
[ml-dubh] nm. blackmail; inflected on both elements
[mall] a. maille and moille, slow, placid
[mallachd] nf. pl.+an, a curse, imprecation
[mallaich] va. curse, use imprecations
[mm] nm. g.v. mim; pl.+an, hill of a round, slowly rising form
[mm] nm. g.v. mim; pl.+an, the full of the two hands of any granulated substance
[manach] nm. g.v. -aich; pl. -aich, monk
[manadh] nm. g.v. -aidh; pl. -aidhean, omen, sign, portent
[mang] nf. g.d. maing; pl.+an, a fawn, year-old deer
[maodal] nf. g.d. -ail; pl.+an, paunch
[maoidh] va. and vn. grudge, upbraid, threaten
[maoilead] nm. g.v. -eid, baldness, bluntness. See maolad
[maoim] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, terror, alarm, consternation, panic, sudden burst or eruption, sudden attack, surprise attack
[maoin] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, wealth, property, goods and gear
[maol] nf. g. maoile; d. maoil; pl.+an, cape, promontory
[maol] a. bald, hornless, polled, blunt, pointless, edgeless, bare, easily deceived
[maolad] nm. g. -aid, baldness, bluntness, bareness. See maoilead
[maor] nm. g.v. maoir; pl. maoir, subordinate officer in various capacities, bailiff, officer of justice
[maorach] nm. g.v. -aich, shellfish of all kinds
[maor-rgh] nm. officer of court, messenger-at-arms; inflected on the first element
[maoth] a. soft, tender, delicate, effeminate
[maothaich] va. and vn. soften, alleviate, become softer, become delicate
[maothan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, the chest; a twig, bud
[mar] as, even as, how, in like manner, like, like as : mar sin, in the same manner, in that manner : mar so, in this manner : mar tha, already, as it is : mar gu'm b'ann, as 'twere
[mara] See muir
[marag] nf. g.d. -aig, pl.+an, pudding
[maraiche] nm. pl.+an, sailor, mariner
[mar an ceudna] in like manner, likewise, also
[maraon] phr. together, in concert, as one; accented on last syllable
[marbh] a. dead, lifeless, torpid, vapid, tasteless : na mairbh, the dead
[marbh] va. kill, slay
[marcach] nm. g.v. -aich; pl. -aichean and -aich, rider, horseman
[marcachd] nf.ind. riding
[marcaich] va. -achd, ride
[marcaich-shne] nf.ind. riders of the storm; rain-drifts
[marg] nf. g.d. mairg; pl. margan, merk = 13/4 Scots : marg fearainn, mark-land, `Merksworth'
[margadh] nm. g.v. -aidh; pl. -aidhean, market, buying and selling
[marsanta] nm. pl.+n, merchant, dealer in wares
[mart] nf. g.d. mairt; pl. mairt, cow
[ma's] if it be, or is
[ms] nm. g.v. mis; pl.+an, hip, buttock, bottom of any vessel
[masladh] nm. g.v. -aidh; pl. -aidhean, disgrace, affront, reproach
[maslaich] va. disgrace, affront, degrade, reproach
[ma t] if so, then, however, nevertheless
[math] a. good : bu mhath leam, I would like : gu math mr, pretty big : cha mhath leo, they care not to. See maith
[math] nm. g.v. maith; pl. maithean, a noble, a hero
[mathaich] va. manure land
[mthair] nf. g. -ar; pl. -raichean, mother, the dam of any beast, source : mathair-uisge, the source of a stream, wellhead; mathair-ionnstrumaid, the prime cause or agency
[meacan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, root, bulb
[meacanaich] nf. sobbing
[meachainn] nf. abatement, deduction, discretionary power
[meachair] a. soft, tender, delicate, agreeable
[meachar] nf. g.d. -air, control
[meadar] nm. g.v. -air; pl.+an, circular wooden vessel
[meadhail] nf. joy, glee. Also meadhar
[meadhon] nm. g.v. -oin; pl.+an, middle, centre, midst, waist, a mean
[meadhonach] a. intermediate, middling, indifferent
[meadhrach] a. glad, joyful, festive, lively
[mag] nm. g.v. mig, whey
[meal] va.+tainn, possess, enjoy
[meala] See mil
[meall] nm. g.v. mill; pl. mill and +an, lump, mass, mound, bunch, cluster; meallan, little lump, etc.
[meall] va. deceive, beguile, entice, cheat, defraud, disappoint
[meallain] in : clachan-meallain, which see
[meallanach] a. lumpy, knobby; abounding in lumps, heaps or hillocks
[mealltach] a. deceitful, unreliable, disappointing
[mealltaireachd] nf.ind. cheating, imposing
[mealtainn] v.n. enjoying, possessing
[meamhair] nf. pl.+ean, memory, remembrance; also meomhair
[mean] a. +a, minute, small
[manan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, yawn
[mananaich] nf. yawning
[meanbh] a. diminutive, small, minute : meanbh-litir, the smaller letters, in contradistinction to the capital letters
[meanbh-chuileag] nf. g. -eig; pl.+an, midge, gnat
[meanglan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, branch, twig, bough
[Meanachan] pnm. g.v. -ain, meaning `dwarfish person'
[meanmna] nm. g.v. +idh, spirit, mettle, magnanimity, bravery, courage
[meanmnach] a. high-spirited, mettled, magnanimous, brave courageous
[meanmnachd] nf.ind. mettle, spirit, fancy
[meann] nm. g.v. minn; pl. minn, kid, young roe
[mear] a. +a, merry, sportive, wanton, playful
[mearachd] nf. pl.+an, error, mistake
[mars] va. march
[meas] nm. g.+a; pl.+an, fruit
[meas] nm.ind. respect, regard, esteem, reputation, opinion, judgment, estimate, valuing
[meas] va. and vn. meas and +adh, judge, value, estimate, esteem, regard, respect
[measail] a. respectable, worthy, respected, valued, esteemed
[measair] nf. pl.+ean, tub (L.Sc. bine)
[measan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl. -ain, lap-dog, messan
[measarra] a. temperate, moderate, reasonable
[measg] va. mingle, mix, stir together
[measg] in the phr. : am measg, among, amidst
[measgan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, a dish to hold butter
[meata] a. feeble, soft, cowardly, faint-hearted
[meath] va. and vn. become weak or timid; decay, fade; dishearten, discourage; move with pity, affect
[meidh] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, a balance, weighing apparatus
[meidhich] va. weigh with scales or a balance
[meigead], [meigeart] nm. g. -eid or -eirt, the bleat of a goat : meigeartaich, meigeadaich, continued bleating of goats
[meigeil] nf.ind. bleating of goats
[mil] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, a bleat, as of sheep : milich, continued bleating of sheep
[meil] va. grind, pulverise
[min], [minn] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, mine; ore
[min], [minn] nf. g.+e, disposition, inclination, mind, desire
[minneadair] nm. pl.+ean, miner
[meirbh] va. digest in the stomach
[meirbh] a. feeble, spiritless, delicate
[meirg] va. and vn. rust, become rusty, cause to rust
[meirg] nf. g.+e, rust
[meirghe] nf. pl.+an, banner, troop
[mirle] nf.ind. theft, thieving
[mirleach] nm. g.v. -ich; pl. -ich, thief
[mith] a. fat, greasy, corpulent; rich, as soil
[meg] nm. g.v. meig, whey. See mag
[meir] See meur
[meud] nm.ind. size, bulk, extent, measure; as many as : cia meud, how many, or how much : air mheud 's a their iad, notwithstanding what they say
[meudachd] nf.ind. bulk, size
[meudaich] va. and vn. increase, enlarge, extend, multiply, cause to increase, abound
[meur] nm. g.v. meir; pl. meir, finger, toe, branch, bough; branch of a family
[meuraich] va. finger, handle
[meuran] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, thimble, a little branch
[mhin] in the phr. : a mhin, only, alone : am fear sin a mhin, that man only
[mi] and [m] pron. I, me
[m-] pref. equaling in- and un- in Eng., meaning `opposite' or `want of'
[miabadh] nm. g.v. -aidh, affront, humiliation
[miadh] nm.ind. honour, esteem, respect, demand
[miagail], [miamhail] nf. mewing, as a cat
[mial] nf. g.+a, and mle; pl.+an, louse
[miannaich] See mananaich
[miann] nm. pl.+an, desire, inclination, will, longing : is miann leam, I wish, desire : leis am miann, who desires
[miannaich] va. and vn. desire, long for, covet
[mias] nf. g. mise; d. mis; pl.+an, plate, platter, flat dish
[mic] See mac
[mi-fhortanach] a. unfortunate
[mi-iomchuidh] a. unsuitable, unfit, improper
[mil] nf. g. meala, honey
[mi-laghail] a. unlawful
[mle] nf. pl. mltean, mile, thousand
[milis] a. sweet
[mill] va. spoil, destroy, mar, injure
[mltean] See mle
[mi-mhodh] nm. g.+a; pl.+an or +annan, bad manners, disrespect
[mi-mhodhail] a. unmannerly, unpolite, rude
[min] nf. g.+e, meal
[mn] a. soft, delicate, tender to the touch; smooth, even on the surface, mild, meek, calm, unruffled as water, pulverised, ground fine; fine, soft, as cloth or like fabric
[mi-ndurra] a. unnatural
[mnich] va. smooth, make small, pulverise, explain, expound, interpret
[minig] a. mionca, often, frequent
[ministear] nm. g.v. -eir; pl.+an, minister, clergyman
[minn] See meann
[miodal] nm. flattering, fawning, fair spokenness
[mogach] a. smiling, smirking, sly looking
[miolaran] nm. g.v. -ain, the whining of a dog when fawning
[mol-chu] nm. greyhound; inflected on the latter element
[momhaich] va. toss, abuse, maltreat
[momhail] a. for : mi-mhodhail
[mion] a. +a. See mean
[mionach] nm. g.v. -aich; pl. -aichean, bowels, entrails
[mionaid] nf. pl.+ean, minute of time
[mionn] nm. g.+a; pl.+an, oath, imprecation
[mionnaich] va. and vn. swear, vow, use imprecations
[morbhuil] nm. pl.+ean, miracle, wonder, prodigy
[morun] for : mi-rn
[mos] nm. g.+a; pl.+an, month
[miosa] a. worse, worst
[mothlachd] for : mi-thlachd
[mr] nm. g.+e; pl.+eannan, a bit, part, piece; luncheon
[mire] nm. pastime, playing, diversion, frolic; transport of rage or ardour
[mire-chath] nf. rage of battle, battle fury
[mireag] nf. g.d. -eig; playing, frisking, sporting
[mireagach] a. playful, frisking, sportive
[mireagaich] nm. playing, frolicking
[mi-riaghailt] nf. pl.+ean, irregularity, disorder, turbulence
[mi-rn] nm. g.v. -rin, malice, ill-will, spite
[misde] a. the worse of, the worse for
[misg] nf. g.+e, drunkenness, intoxication : air mhisg, drunk
[misgeach] a. drunken, addicted to intoxicating liquor
[misgear] nm. g.v. -eir; pl.+an, drunkard
[mise] emph.pron. I, me
[misneach] nm. g.v. -ich, courage, fortitude, spirit
[misneachail] a. courageous
[misnich] va. and vn. encourage, take courage
[mith] nm. g.+e; pl.+ean, obscure, humble person : mithean, the lower class
[mithich] nf.ind. time; proper, or fit, time or season : is mithich a bhi falbh, it is time to go
[mi-thlachd] nm. dissatisfaction
[mna], [mnatha], [mnathan] See bean
[mnaoi] See bean
[mo] poss.pron. my
[m] a. larger, bigger, greater, largest, etc. : cha mh bha mise, no more was I : na 's m, greater, no more : d is m leamsa iad, what the more care I
[moch] a. early, betimes, soon
[mochthrath] nf. morning, dawn of day
[md] nm. g.v. mid; pl.+an, court, trial, assembly
[modh] nm. g.+a; pl.+annan, manner, mode, method, good manners
[modhail] a. -ala, mannerly, polite
[mogan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, footless stocking (L.Sc. hugger)
[mogul] nm. g.v. -uil; pl.+an, husk, as of nut; mesh, interstice of net
[mid] nf. g.+e, greatness; a. more, the more
[mine] nf. g. mna; pl. -tean, a moss, a mossy place; peats, turf
[Moirreach] surname, Murray
[moit] nf. g.+e, sulkiness, pride, pettishness
[moiteil] a. sulky, pettish, proud
[mol] va. praise, recommend
[mol] nf. shingly beach; also, mal and mul
[molach] a. hairy, rough; stormy
[moll] nm. g.v. muill, chaff
[monadail] a. mountainous
[monadh] nm. g.v. -aidh; pl. -aidhean, mountain, heathy expanse, mountain range
[Monadhchal-tuathaireach] pnm. Monachal-tuarach, place name
[monadh-frth] nm. deer forest; inflected on the first element
[monar] nm. g.v. -air; pl. -airean, trifling thing or person : cha bu mhonar e, it was no trifling affair
[monmhur] nm. g.v. -uir; pl.+an, murmuring noise
[Mont-rs] pnm. Montrose, place name
[Mr] pnf. g.d. Mir, rendered in Eng. `Sarah' and `Marion';
Mrag, little Mr
[mr] a. motha and m, big, large, great, important, tall, of high rank, lofty, spacious; familiar; esteemed : cha mhr nach do thuit mi, I almost fell : tha iad mr aig a chile, they are great friends (L.Sc. they are great wi' ither) : tha e mr as fin, he is self-important
[mrachd] nf.ind. greatness, majesty, dignity
[Mrag] pnf. g.d. -aig. See Mr
[mrail] a. majestic, high-class
[morair] nm. pl.+ean, old personal title rendered in Eng. `lord'
[mralach] a. honourable
[mralachd] nf.ind. greatness, majesty, honour
[mran] nm. g.v. -ain, much, many, great quantity, great number
[mrchuis] nf. pride, splendour; ambition
[morghath] nm. g.+a; v. -aith; pl.+an, fishing spear
[mort] nm. g.v. moirt; pl. moirt, murder, murdering, slaying; also murt
[mort] va. mort and +adh, murder, slay
[mortair] nm. pl.+ean, murderer
[mr-thir] nf. pl.+ean, mainland, continent
[mosach] a. nasty, filthy, sordid, mean
[mosgail] va. and vn. -ladh, waken, rouse; awake, rise from sleep
[mosgain] nm. rottenness, mustiness
[motha] a. larger, greater; also, m
[mothaich] va. perceive, observe, feel, know, take notice
[mu] prep. about, around; of, concerning, on account of, for : mu'n cuairt, about, round about : mu thimcheall, about, around, concerning : mu choinneamh, opposite
[muc] nf. g. muice; d. muic; pl.+an, sow, pig
[mucag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, the fruit of the dog rose (L.Sc. hip)
[mch] va. quench, extinguish, suffocate, squeeze together
[mdan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, covering for a gun
[mugharn] nf. g. -airne; d. -airn; pl. -airnean, ankle
[muicfheoil] nf. g. -fheola, pork
[muidhe] nm. pl.+an or +achan, a churn; also, crannachan
[mig] nm. g.+e; pl.+ean, cloudiness, surliness, gloom, frown
[muigh] n. out, outside; used with v. of rest. See mach
[muileann] nm. g.v. -inn; pl.+an, mill
[muilichinn] See muinichill
[muillean] nm. g.v. -ein; pl. -einean, million
[muillear] nm. g.v. -eir; pl.+an, miller
[muiltfheoil] nf. g. -fheola, mutton
[muime] nf. pl.+achan, nurse, stepmother
[muin] va. teach, instruct
[muin] nf.ind. back, back part of the neck and region immediately below same : air a mhuin, on his back, on top of him
[min] va. mn, micturate
[muineal] nm. g.v. -eil; pl. -eilean, neck of human being
[muing] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, horse's mane
[muinichill] nm. pl.+ean, sleeve; also, muilichinn
[muinighinn] nf. pl.+ean, confidence, trust, hope; dependence
[muinntir] nf. g. -reach, folks, people, household; relations, friends
[muir] nf. g. mara; pl. marannan, sea, ocean
[muirichinn] nf. children, family; burden, care
[mirn] nf. g.+e, affectionate joy, tenderness
[mul] nm. g.v. muil; pl.+an, conical heap, mound
[mul] See mol, shingly beach
[mul] nm. g.v. muil; pl.+an, axle, axle-tree
[mulachag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, a cheese
[mulad] nm. g.v. -aid; pl.+an, melancholy, sadness
[muladach] a. melancholy, sad
[mulan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, small stook of hay or corn
[mullach] nm. g.v. -aich; pl. -aichean, top, summit, upper end
[mult] nm. g.v. muilt; pl. muilt, wether. Better molt
[mu'm] before that, ere; precedes v. beginning with p,b,f,m
[mu'n] before that, ere; precedes v. beginning with vow. and con. other than p,b,f,m : mu'n robh iad ridh, before they were ready
[mu'n gann] before - hardly : mu'n gann a bha iad ridh, almost before they were ready
[mur] if not, except, unless
[mrlag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, fishing basket
[murrach] a. able, capable
[Murrachan] pnm. g.v. -ain, meaning `little capable one'
[murt] See mort
[murtair] See mortair
[mus an], [mus am] before that, lest, ere, for mu'n, mu'm
[musg] nf. g.d. muisg; pl.+an, musket
[msg] nm. g.v. misg; pl.+an, rheum of the eyes
[musgan] nm. g.v. -ain, dry rot in wood
[mth] va. change, alter
[mthadh] nm. g.v. -aidh; pl. -aidhean, changing, altering, difference, alternative
[mghadh] nm. g.v. -aidh, destruction : dol am mghadh, going to destruction



['n] for : an = the; an = their; an = in; an, the verbal part; follows vow.
[n-] precedes n. beginning with vow. when following ar, our and bhur, ur, your : ar n-aran, our bread, for : arn aran : bhur n-ite, your place, for : bhurn ite; the n was originally part of the pron.
[na] the, the nom. and dat.plur. case of the art. before n. beginning with con.
[na] that which, those who, those which, what, whom, all that : na tha agad, all that you have : na thubhairt thu, what you said
[na] not, let not, the neg.part. before v. beginning with con. : na tog, do not lift
[na] of the, the genitive singular case of the art. before fem.n. beginning with con.
[na] than : na's m na sin, greater than that
[na] contraction for : an do : far na dh' fhg iad e, where they left it, for far an d' (do) fhg iad e
[na] for : no = or, q.v.
['na] in his, in her, contraction for : an a
[na] in : na b' fhaide, was longer; na b' = past tense of na 's
[nach] neg.part. preceding v. in the interrog. mood : nach till e, will he not return?
[nach] the neg. correspondent of who, which : am fear nach till, he who shall not return
[nach] the neg. correspondent of whom, which : an l air nach till e, the day on which he returns not
['nad] in thy, in your; for : an do
[ndur] nm. g.v. -uir; pl.+an, nature
[ndurra] a. natural
[na h-] not, let not; the neg.part. before v. beginning with vow. : na h-iarr, do not ask
[na h-] the, the nom. and dat.plur. case of the art. before n. beginning with vow. : na h-rdagan, the thumbs
[na h-] of the, the gen.sing. case of the art. before fem.n. beginning with vow. : brr na h-rdaig, the point of the thumb
[naidheachd] nf.pl.+an, news, tidings
[nimhdean] See nmhaid
[nimhdeas] nm. g.v. -eis, enmity, hostility, malice
[nimhdeil] a. hostile, inimical
[nire] nf.ind. shame, ignominy; feeling of shame, bashfulness
[nirich] va. shame, affront, cause shame
[naisg] va. nasgadh, bind, make fast
[nall] in the phr. : a nall, to this side, towards us, from the other side
[nam] art. of the; precedes n. in the gen.plur. beginning with p,b,f,m
['nam] in their; precedes n. beginning with p,b,f,m
[na 'm] if; precedes v. in the conditional mood, beginning with p,b,f,m
[nmhaid] nm. pl. nimhdean, enemy
['nan] in their; precedes n. beginning with vow. or con. other than p,b,f,m
[nan] art. of the; precedes n. in the gen.plur. beginning with vow. or con. other than p,b,f,m
[na 'n] if; precedes v. in the conditional mood, beginning with vow. or con. other than p,b,f,m
[naodhamh] nm. ninth
[naoi] num. nine
[naoidheamh] See naodhamh
[naoidhean] nm. g.v. -ein; pl. -einean, infant, babe, suckling
[naoimh] See naomh
[naoinear] See naonar
[naomh] nm. g.v. naoimh; pl. naoimh, holy man, saint
[naomh] a. holy, saintly
[naomhachd] nf.ind. holiness, sanctity
[naonar] nm. g.v. -air, nine persons collectively
[naosg] nm. g.+aich; v. naoisg; pl.+aich, snipe
[nar] neg.part. of wishing : nar leigeadh Dia, God forbid
[nr] a. shameful, disgraceful : is nr leam, I account it shameful
[na 's] in phrases of comparison : na 's m, greater
[nasg] nm. g.v. naisg; pl.+an, band, tie band, collar
[nasgaidh] in the phr. : a nasgaidh, for : an asgaidh, gratis, without price
[nathair] nf. g. -rach; pl. -raichean, serpent, snake, adder
[nathrach] See nathair
[-ne] emph.postfix; follows n. preceded by : ar, our : ar n-athair-ne, our father
[neach] nm. person, any person, individual : neach air bith, anyone at all
[nead] nm. g.v. nid; pl. nid, nest
[neadaich] va. nestle, build or make a nest, lie in a nest
[namh] nm. g.v. nimh; pl.+an, heaven, the sky
[neapaicinn] nf. pl.+ean, napkin
[neart] nm. g.v. neirt, strength, power, might
[neartaich] va. strengthen, fortify
[neartmhor] a. strong, powerful
[neas] nf. g.+a; pl.+an, weazel
[neasgaid] nf. pl.+ean, boil, ulcer
[neimh] nm. g.+e; pl.+ean, poison
[neo] or; in the phr. : air neo, otherwise, or else. See no
[neo-] pref. implying the absence of the quality expressed by the
word to which it is joined
[neo-airidh] a. unworthy, undeserving. Better -airigh
[neo-chiontach] a. innocent
[neo-choltach] a. unlike, dissimilar, unlikely, improbable
[neo-fhaicsinneach] a. invisible
[neil] See neul
[neinean] nm. g.v. -ein; pl. -einean, daisy
[neoini] nm.ind. nothing, nonentity
[nenach] a. curious, surprising, droll, amusing, unusual, odd
[neul] nm. g.v. neil; pl. neil and +tan, cloud, hue, swoon, stigma
[neulach] a. cloudy, obscure, pale
[n] nm. pl. nithean, thing, circumstance, affair
[ni] va.irr. will or shall do, or make
[Niall] pnm. g.v. Nill, Neil
[nic] for : ni mhic, used like `mac' in patronymics, when a female is concerned : Iseabal Nic Ailpein, Isabella Mac Alpine
[nid] See nead
[nidean] nm. g.v. -ein; pl. -einean, little nest, nestie
[nigh] va. wash, cleanse, purify
[nighean] nf. g.d. -in and -inn; pl.+an, daughter
[nimh] poison. See neimh
[nior] not, never; used before the v. : nior chualas, I never heard : nior thog e, he never lifted
[nos] in the phr. : a nos, from below, up
[nis] in the phr. : a nis, now, at this time
[ni's] for na's (the better form)
[nithean] n.pl. See ni
[no] or, nor, neither, otherwise, else, if not : fear no bean, a man or a woman : cha 'n e fear no bean a th' ann, it is neither man nor woman
[nochd] va. show, reveal, disclose, display
[nochd] in the phr. : an nochd, to-night (L.Sc. the nicht)
[nochd] a. naked, bare, exposed
[nodha] a. new. Also nuadh
[Nollaig] nf. pl.+ean, Christmas
[ns] nm. g.v. nis; pl.+an, custom, manner, habit
[nuadh] a. new, fresh, recent
[nuadhaich] va. renew, renovate
[nuair] for : an uair, when, at the time
[nuall] nm. g.+a; pl.+an, howl, roar, lowing of cattle
[nuas] in the phr. : a nuas, down, downward, from above
[null] in the phr. : a null. See nunn
[nunn] in the phr. : a nunn, thither, to the other side, beyond, over to