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[d'] for : do, thy; before vow. and fh. See t'
[d'] for : do, the verbal particle; before vow. and : rinn, rug, rinig
[d'a] to his, to her, for : do a
[d] num. two; governs nf. in a case similar to the dat., being a remnant of the old dual number
[d] prep.pron. to him
[dachaidh] and [-aigh] nf. pl.+ean, a home, residence, domicile; homewards, to one's own country
[dchasach] a. two-footed, bi-pedal
[dad] nm. aught, anything, the smallest thing
[dag] nm. g. daige; v. dhaig; pl.+achan, pistol
[daibh] and [doibh] prep.pron. to them
[dibhir] a. poor, destitute
[dibhreas] nm. g.v. -eis, poverty
[dicheil] a. handsome, graceful, genteel
[dil] nf. g. dlach; pl. dlaichean, delay, credit
[dil] nf. g. dlach; pl. dlaichean, a meeting, convention
[Dail-an-eas] pnf. Dalness
[dail] nf. g. dalach; pl. dailthean, meadow, field, plain
[dimh] nf. g.+e, relationship, affinity
[din] See dn
[daingeann] a. -ne, strong, firm
[daingneach] nm. g.v. -ich; pl. -ichean, fort, castle, citadel
[daingnich] va. strengthen, fortify, establish
[dall] a. doille, blind
[dallag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, shrewmouse, any little blind creature
[dalma] a. bold, forward, audacious, obstinate
[dalmachd] nf.ind. impudence, audacity, forwardness
[damh] nm. g.v. daimh; pl. daimh, ox, stag
[damhan-alluidh] nm. g.v. -ain-; pl. -ain-, spider; inflected on first element
[dn] nm. g.v. din; pl. din, poem
[dn], [dna] a. bold, daring, intrepid
[dnachd] nf.ind. poetry
[dnachd] nf.ind. audacity, presumption
[dnadas] nm. g.v. -ais, audacity, boldness
[dannarra] a. stubborn, resolute
[danns] va. dance
[dannsadh] v.n. dancing
[dannsair] nm. pl.+ean, dancer
[daoi] nm. g.+dhe; pl.+dhean, wicked man, evil one
[daoi] a. daoidhe, wicked
[daoine] nm. pl. of duine, men
[daoire] a. more costly, dearer. See daor
[daoiread] nm. dearness
[daol] nf. g.v. daoil; pl. daoil, beetle (insect)
[daonnan] phr. word, always, at all times
[daonnda] a. humane, charitable
[daor] a. dear, costly, enslaved
[daorach] nf. intoxication : air an daoraich, on the spree
[daorsa] nf. captivity, bondage
[daorsainn] nf.ind. famine, dearth, bondage, slavery
[d'ar] to our, precedes n. beginning with con.
[dara] num. one of two, either of two : an dara fear no am fear eile, the one or the other
[darach] nm. g.v. -aich; pl. daraich, oak
[darag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, oak tree
[da-rreadh] phr. word, truly, certainly, surely
[d'ar n-] to our; precedes n. beginning with vow.
[darna] See dara
[dath] nm. g.+a; v. dhaith; pl. daithean, colour, dye
[dathte] a. coloured, dyed
[d] for ciod , what?
[de] prep. of, off
[d] in : an d, yesterday
[deacaid] nf. pl.+ean, jacket
[deacair] a. difficult, hard, sorrowful
[deach] va.irr. went, did go
[deachaidh] va.irr. went, did go
[deachd] va. dictate, indite
[deagh] a. good, excellent; precedes n. and a.
[deagh-bheatha] nf. welcome
[deal] nf. g.+a; pl.+achan, leech
[dealaich] va. separate, part, divide
[dealan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, lightning
[dealan-d] nf. g.v. -ain-; pl.+an-, butterfly; inflected on the first element
[dealbh] va. form, shape, delineate, devise, contrive
[dealbh] nm. g.+a; pl.+an, image, picture, figure, shape
[dealbh-chluich] nf. a play (stage); inflected on the second element
[dealg] nf. g. deilge; d. deilg; pl.+an and deilg, pin, skewer, knitting-needle
[dealrach] a. glittering, shining, bright, radiant
[dealt] nf.ind. dew
[deamhan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl. -ain, demon, devil
[dan] va.irr. do, act, make, perform
[danadas] nm. g.v. -ais; industry, activity, behaviour, doings, work
[danamh] v.n. doing, making
[deann] nf. g.+a; pl.+an, force, rush, haste, speed : deann-ruith, utmost speed
[deannag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, small pinch
[deannal] nm. g.v. -ail, conflict, onset, hurry, haste
[deanntag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, nettle
[dearbh] va. prove, confirm, try
[dearbh] a. -a, sure, certain, particular, identical : gu dearbh, certainly
[dearbhachd] nf.ind. proof, confirmation
[dearbhadh] v.n. proof, attesting, confirming
[dearc] nf. pl.+an, berry, lizard : dearc-luachrach, an asp (L.Sc. ask)
[dearcag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, small berry
[dearg] a. deirge, red; nm. g. deirg, the ploughed part of a field in opposition to the unploughed : dol an dearg bhinidh, going stark mad. See bn
[dearg-risgte] a. stark naked
[dearmad] nm. g.v. -aid; pl.+an, neglect, forgetfulness, omission
[darna] nf. g.+idh; pl.+idhean, the palm of the hand
[darrs] va. shine, gleam
[darrsach] a. bright, radiant
[darrsadh] nm. g.v. -aidh, radiance, effulgence, shining, gleaming
[deas] a. deise, ready, right hand, south, dexterous, trim
[deasach] nm. g.v. -aich; pl. -aich, south countryman
[deasaich] va. prepare, get ready, dress, cook
[deasbaireachd] nf.ind. disputing, debating, reasoning, wrangling
[deasbud] nm. g.v. -uid; pl.+an, dispute, debate, conference
[deatach] nf. g.d. -aich; pl. -aichean, steam, mist, exhalation
[deatam] nm. g.v. -aim, anxiety, eagerness, solicitude
[deathach] nf. g.d. -aich, smoke
[deich] num. ten
[deicheamh] num. tenth
[deichnear] nm. and f. g. -eir, ten persons collectively
[didh] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, wish, desire
[didh] in : an didh, after : as a dhidh, after him
[didheil] a. -eala, desirous, addicted to
[deidhinn] in : mu dheidhinn, concerning
[didh-limh] phr. afterhand, afterwards, behind, neglected, too late
[digh] See didh
[deighinn] See deidhinn
[deilbh] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, configuration, framing, preparing the warp of cloth
[dile] nf. g. -idh; pl.+achan, or +an, a deal, plank
[deilg] n. pl. of dealg, knitting needles : also dealgan
[deimhinn] a. true, surely : gu deimhinn, assuredly
[dineachd] nf.ind. keenness, impetuosity, eagerness
[dineas] nm. g.v. -eis, keenness, eagerness
[dirc] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, alms
[deireadh] nm. g.v. -idh; pl. deireannan, rear, hindmost place or part, end, stern : mu dheireadh, at last : air deireadh, late, last to come
[deireannach] a. last, hindmost
[deireas] nm. g. -eis, injury, harm, damage
[deirge] redder. See dearg
[deise] nf. pl.+achan, dress, garment, suit of clothes
[deisead] nf. g. -eid, readiness, handsomeness, elegance
[distinn] nf. pl.+ean, disgust
[de] nf.ind. breath, life, air, vital spark, ray of light
[deoch] nf. g. dibhe; pl.+annan, drink, strong liquor
[dein] nf. g.+e, will, consent, assent, accord
[deir] See deur
[denach] a. willing, agreeable
[denaich] vn. grant, vouchsafe, give consent
[deraidh] nm. pl.+ean, tearful creature
[Dersa] pnm. George; also Seras
[deth] prep.pron. off him
[deuchainn] nf. pl.+ean, trial, attempt, proof
[deud] nm. the teeth
[deug] -teen of numerals : tri-deug, thirteen
[deur] nm. g.v. deir; pl. deir, tear, drop, small quantity of liquid
[dh'] for : do and de
[dh] num. two : a dh, when not to be followed by a noun
[dh] prep.pron. to him
[dh'a] to his
[dheth] See deth
[dhot] See dot
[dhth] prep.pron. off her, to her; also di, dith
[dhomh] See domh
[dhuit] prep.pron. to you
[d], [dith] prep.pron. to her, off her
[di-] day, as in the names of the days of the week
[dia], [Dia] nm. g. d, Dh; pl. dathan, a god, God
[diabhul] nm. g.v. -uil; pl. diabhlan, a devil : An Diabhul, The Devil
[diadhaidh] a. godly, pious
[diadhair] nm. pl.+ean, a divine
[dian] a. dine, keen, hasty, vehement, eager
[dias] nf. g. dise; d. dis; pl.+an, ear of corn
[dbh] prep.pron. off you, pl.
[dibhe] See deoch
[dblidh] a. mean, abject
[Di-ceudain] pnm. Wednesday
[dcheall] nf. g.d. -ill, diligence, utmost endeavour
[dcheallach] a. diligent, careful, endeavouring
[di-chuimhnich] vn. forget
[ddeann] nf. g.d. -inn; pl.+an, defence, protection
[Di-dmhnaich] pnm. Sunday
[dg] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, ditch; dyke
[Di-h-aoine] pnm. Friday
[dle] nf. deluge, flood, heavy rain
[dleab] nf. g.d. -ib; pl.+an, legacy
[dleabach] nm. g.v. -aich; pl. -aich, legatee
[dileag] nf. g.d. -eig; pl.+an, small drop of liquid
[dleas] a. dlse, faithful, dear, beloved, related to
[dlleachdan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, orphan
[dlse] nm. pl.+an, faithfulness, relationship, a faithful one, a relation
[dlseachd] nf.ind. faithfulness, relationship
[Di-luain] pnm. Monday
[Di-mirt] pnm. Tuesday
[dmeas] nm.ind. contempt, scorn, depreciation
[dmeasach] a. disrespectful
[di-mol] See domol
[dinn] prep.pron. off us
[dinn] va. stuff in, force down, press, squeeze
[dinneir] nf. g. -earach; pl.+ean, dinner
[dobair] va. desert, abandon, forsake
[dobhail] nm. g. -alach; pl.+ean, loss, destruction
[diog] nm. g. -a, the least possible effort of speech, syllable
[doghaltas] nm. g.v. -ais; pl. -ais, vengeance, revenge
[dol] va. pay, render, satisfy, avenge
[dolain] a. illegitimate
[dollaid] nf. pl.+ean, saddle
[diomb] nm. displeasure, dissatisfaction
[diombach] a. displeased
[diombadh] nm. g. -aidh, displeasure, dissatisfaction
[diombuan] a. short-lived, evanescent
[domhain] a. idle, unavailing, to no purpose
[domhair] a. secret, private
[domhanach] a. idle
[domhanas] nm. g.v. -ais, vanity, idleness : an domhanas, in vain
[domol] and [di-mol] va. dispraise, vilify, disparage
[don] va. defend, shelter, protect
[don] nm. g.+a; pl.+an, a shelter, protection, defence
[donach] a. secure, water-tight
[Dior-daoin] pnm. Thursday
[dorras] nm. g.v. -ais, stubbornness, vehemence, vehement anger
[dorrasach] a. persistent, obstinate
[dot] prep.pron. off you
[dr] va. ascend, ascend in a straight direction, as opposed to fiar = ascend in a slanting direction
[dreach] a. just so, straight, upright : dreach mar, just as
[dreadh] v.n. ascending, climbing
[drich] va. make straight, straighten
[Di-Sathuirne] pnm. Saturday
[dt] va. condemn, reproach
[dth] prep.pron. to her, off her
[dth] nm. g.+e; pl.+ean, want, deficiency, destruction : a dhth orm, awanting to me
[dthean] nm. g.v. -ein; pl. -einean, field-flower, daisy, blossom
[dithis] nm. and f. pl.+ean, two persons; often erroneously applied to things
[di] nm. the worst, the refuse
[di] a. unworthy
[dibh] prep.pron. off them
[diugh] in : an diugh, to-day
[diug!] tewk!
[diilidh] a. faithfully, perseveringly
[dilnach] nm. g.v. -aich; pl. -aich, hero
[dilt] va. refuse, misgive
[dleas] nm. pl.+an, duty
[dleasannas] and [dleasnas] nm. g.v. -ais; pl. -ais, duty
[dlighe] nf.ind. law, ordinance; a right, a due
[dligheach] a. lawful, rightful
[dl] nf. g. dltha; d.+ith; pl. dlintean, handful of corn
[dlithe] a. nearer, closer. See dlth
[dlth] nm. g.v. dlith, warp of a web
[dlth] a. near, nigh, close; confined, tight
[dlthaich] va. come closer or nearer, approach, draw near, join closely together, pack or press together
[dlths] nm. g. dliths, for dlthais, nearness, closeness
[do] prep. to
[do] poss.pron. thy, thine, your
[do-] pref. signifying difficult of accomplishment
[dbhran] nm. g.v. -ain; pl. -ain, otter
[docair] a. difficult, hard, uneasy, troublesome, grievous
[docha] a. fonder, dearer, preferred : is docha leam, I would rather; compar. of : toigh, agreeable
[dcha] a. more likely, more probable; compar. of : digh, likely
[dochainn] va. hurt, injure
[dochair] nf. pl.+ean, hurt, damage, injury
[dochann] nm. g.v. -ainn; pl.+an, hurt, injury
[dchas] nm. g.v. -ais, hope, confidence
[do-fhaicsinneach] a. hard to be seen
[doibh] prep.pron. to them. Also daibh
[doicheall] nm. g.v. -ill, churlishness
[digh] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, manner, way, method; trust, condition, proper arrangement
[digheil] a. -eala, business-like, systematic, well-arranged
[doilgheas] nm. g.v. -is; sorrow, affliction
[doilleir] a. dim, dark, obscure
[doimhne] nf. pl.+achan, depth, the deep
[doineann] nf. g.v. -inn, inclement weather, storm
[doirbh] a. hard, difficult
[doirbheachd] nf.ind. difficulty
[doirbheas] nm. g.v. -eis, difficulty, mischief
[doire] nf. pl.+achan, grove, plantation
[dirt] va. drtadh, pour, spill
[dol] v.n. going, proceeding, about to do or say, going to
[dolaidh] nf.ind. mischief, harm, loss, injury, damage
[dlas] nm. g.v. -ais; pl.+an, grief, mourning, woe
[do m'] to my
[domblas] nm. g.v. -ais, gall, bile
[domh] prep.pron. to me
[domhail] a. -ala, bulky, crowded
[domhain] a. doimhne, deep, profound
[domhan] nm. g.v. -ain, the universe, the world
[Dmhnull] pnm. g.v. -uill, Donald
[Dmhnullach] pnm. g.v. pl. -aich, a MacDonald; a. of or belonging to the MacDonalds
[dona] a. miosa, bad, evil
[donas] nm. g.v. -ais, evil, evil one, mischief, the devil
[donn] a. duinne, brown, brown-haired
[donnal] nm. g.v. -ail; pl.+an, a howl
[donnalaich] nm.ind. howling
[dorcha] a. duirche, dark, dusky, obscure : an dorcha, the dark
[dorchadas] nm. g.v. -ais, darkness, obscurity
[dorgh] nm. g. duirgh; pl. duirgh, hand-line for fishing
[drlach] nm. g.v. -aich; pl. -aich, handful, a good deal, sheaf of arrows, quiver
[drn] nm. g.v. dirn; pl. dirn, fist, shut hand; haft, handle, hilt
[dorran] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, vexation, anger
[dorsair] nm. pl.+ean, door-keeper
[druinn] nf. pl.+ean, pain, anguish, torment
[dorus] nm. g.v. doruis; pl. dorsan, door
[dos] nm. g.v. duis; pl. duis or +an, bush, thicket, tuft, plume, forelock; drone of bagpipe
[Dosan] pnm. g.v. -ain, dog's name, meaning `the little tufted one'
[drc] nm. g.v. dric; pl.+an, drake
[dragh] nm. g.+a; pl.+an, bother, trouble, annoyance
[dragh] va. drag, pull, tug, draw
[draghail] a. -ala, bothersome, troublesome, annoying
[dranndan] nm. g.v. -ain, hum, murmur
[draoidh] nm. pl.+ean, necromancer, magician. See druidh
[drsd], [drsda] for : an trth-sa, now, the present time, at this time
[dreach] nm. g.+a; pl.+an, appearance, aspect, form, figure
[dreachmhor] a. comely, graceful, good looking
[dream] nm.ind. people, folk, family, clan, tribe, race
[dreas] nf. g. drise; d. dris; pl.+an, bramble, briar, or thorn bush
[dreathan-donn] nm. g.v. -ain-duinn; pl. -ain-d-, wren
[drin] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, grin
[drelan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, wren
[dreuchd] nm. pl.+an, office, duties, employment, vocation
[driamlach] nf. g.d. -aich; pl. -aichean, fishing line
[d' rinn] va.irr. made, did; for : do rinn
[driodfhortan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl. -ain, adventure, misfortune
[driop] nm. hurry, confusion
[driopail] a. embarrassed, confused, hurried
[drip] See driop
[dripeil] See driopail
[dris] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, bramble, briar, or thorn bush
[drichd] nm. pl.+an, dew. Also drchd
[drbh] nm. g.v. dribh; pl.+an, drove of cattle
[droch] a. bad, evil; precedes n. and a. : droch-bheart, evil deed
[drochaid] nf. pl.+ean, bridge
[droigheann] nm. g.v. -inn; pl. -nean, thorn bush
[droma] See druim
[dronnag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, the back, a small eminence
[druaip] nf. g.+e, lees, dregs, sediment
[drchd] nm. pl.+an, dew; also drichd
[drdhadh] v.n. penetrating, oozing, soaking
[drdhag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, small drop
[druid] va. shut to, close; draw nigh
[druid] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, starling
[dridh] va. penetrate, ooze through, influence, affect, soak
[dridhteach] a. affecting, impressive, influencing
[druidh] nm. pl.+ean, druid
[drigh] See dridh
[druim] nm. g. droma; pl. dromannan, back, ridge
[Druim-domhain] pnm. meaning `idle back'
[Druimean] pnm. g.v. -ein, Drymen
[druma] nf. pl.+chan, drum
[Drumann] pnm. g.v. -ainn, Drummond
[Drumannach] pnm. g.v., pl. -aich, a Drummond; a. of or belonging to the Drummonds
[d] a. meet, proper, fit, suitable, just, native. See dth
[duaichneachd] nf.ind. ghastliness, gloom, ugliness, wanness
[duaichnidh] a. ghastly, gloomy, ugly
[duain] See duan
[duairc] a. rude, uncivil
[duais] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, prize, reward
[duais-bhrathaidh] nf. a betrayer's fee; inflected on first element
[dual] nm. g.v. duail; pl.+an, lock of hair, plait or fold, ringlet
[dual] nm. g.v. -ail; pl.+an, hereditary right or disposition, due
[dual] va. fold, plait, braid
[dualchas] nm. g.v. -ais, hereditary right or disposition
[duan] nm. g.v. duain; pl. duain, poem, ode, song
[duanag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, ditty, little song
[dbailte] a. double
[dubh] a. black, dark
[dubh] va. blacken, darken, blot out
[dubhach] a. sad, sorrowful, melancholy
[dubhailc] nf. pl.+ean, a vice
[dubhan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl. -ain, fishing hook, hooked claw
[dubhar] nm. g.v. -air, shade, darkness
[dubh-dhonn] a. -dhuinne, dark brown
[dbhlan] nm. g.v. -ain, challenge, defiance
[dbhlanachd] nf.ind. challenging, defying
[dubh-neul] nm. dark cloud; inflected on second element
[ddach] nf. g.d. -aich; pl. -aichean, bugle, trumpet, horn
[Dghall] pnm. g.v. -aill, Dugald
[duibh] See dubh
[duibh] prep.pron. to you
[duibh-leum] nf. g.d. -lim; pl.+annan, bound, furious leap
[dil] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, hope, expectation
[dil] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, element
[duileasg] nm. g.v. -isg, dilse
[duilich] a. duilghe and dorra, difficult, sorry
[duille] nf. pl.+an, leaf, leaf of a book
[duilleach] nm. g.v. -ich, foliage
[duilleag] nf. g.d. -eig; pl.+an, letter, leaf
[din] va. dnadh, shut, close
[duine] nm. pl. daoine, a man, human being : duin-uasal, a gentleman : duine-brige, effigy
[duineachan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl. -ain, little man, manikin
[duineil] a. -eala, manly
[duinn] See donn
[duinn] prep.pron. to us
[duin-uasal] nm. gentleman; inflected on both elements
[duirche] a. darker. See dorcha
[dirn] See drn
[disg] va. and vn. dsgadh, awake; rouse up, excite
[duit] prep.pron. to you, s.
[dn] nm. g.v. din; pl. din, heap, mount, mound, fortress, fortification
[dunach] nf. g.d. -aich, woe, disaster, misfortune
[Dun-d] pnm. Dundee; inflected on first element
[Dun-eabhais] pnm. Dunevis; inflected on first element
[Dun-ideann] pnm. Edinburgh; inflected on first element
[dnadh] v.n. shutting, closing
[dnan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl. -ain, small heap, midden, dung-hill
[dr] a. dull, stubborn, obstinate, dour
[drachd] nf.ind. diligence, earnestness, sincerity; good-will
[draig] vn. wish for, desire for
[drdail] nf. cooing; note of cushat or of black cock
[dusan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl. -ain, dozen
[dsgadh] v.n. awakening, rousing
[duslach] nm. g.v. -aich, dust
[dth] a. dtha, hereditary, natural. See d
[dthaich] nf. g. dthcha; pl. dthchannan, country, native country
[dthcha] See dthaich
[dthchannan] See dthaich
[dthchas] nm. g.v. -ais, heredity, nativity, hereditary right or disposition
[dthchasach] a. patriotic, native, hereditary, of one's native country


[!] eh! inter. of surprise
[] pron. he, him
[eabar] nm. g.v. -air, mud, puddle
[each] nm. g.v. eich; pl. eich, horse
[eachan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, horsie, reel for winding yarn
[Eachann] pnm. g.v. -ainn, rendered in Eng. `Hector'
[eachdraidh] nf. pl.+ean, history
[eachraidh] nf. horses, cavalry, stud of horses
[eadar] prep. between
[eadaraibh] prep.pron. between you, pl.
[eadarainn] prep.pron. between us
[eadar-dhealachadh] v.n. and nm. a distinction, a difference; separating
[eadar-dhealaich] va. separate, differentiate, distinguish
[eadar-theangaich] va. translate
[eadh] it : 'seadh, it is, yes, yea, so: ni h-eadh, it is not
[eadhon] to wit, namely
[eadraig] va. +inn, interpose, separate
[eadraiginn] nf. interposition, separating two combatants
[eag] nf. g. eige; d. eig; pl.+an, notch, hack, nick
[eagal] nm. g.v. -ail, fear, fright
[eagar] nm. g.v. -air, order
[eaglais] nf. pl.+ean, church
[eagnaidh] a. precise, accurate, punctilious
[eala] nf. g.+idh; pl.+chan, swan
[ealachainn] nf. pl.+ean, a peg to hang things on, a stand on which to place a gun
[ealag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, a block for hacking or splitting wood upon
[alaidh] va. -adh, creep, steal along
[ealain] nf. pl.+ean, art, skill; also ealdhain
[ealamh] a. quick, nimble, expert
[ealanta] a. ready, expert, artistic; ingenious
[eallach] nf. g. eallcha; d. -aich; pl.+an, burden, load
[ealta] nf. g.+inn, covey of birds; drove of cattle, etc.; a trip of goats; a rout of wolves; a pace of asses; a sounder of swine
[eanchainn] nf. pl.+ean, the brain
[eanruich] nf. soup, flesh juice
[ear] nf.ind. east : gaoth an ear, the east wind
[earail] nf. g. -alach; pl. -alaichean, exhortation, warning, advice, counsel
[earalaich] va. exhort, caution, warn
[earb] va. and vn.+sadh, trust, confide, hope, rely
[earb], [earbag] nf. g.+a; pl.+aichean; g.d. -aig; pl.+an, roe
[earball] nm. g.v. -aill; pl. -aill, tail
[earbsach] a. confident, relying
[earbsadh] nf. confidence, trust, hope, reliance; trusting, relying
[arr] nm. g.+a; pl.+an, extremity, tail, end
[earrach] nm. g.v. -aich, springtime
[earradh] nm. g.v. -aidh; pl. -aidhean, clothes, dress, accoutrements
[Earra-ghaidheal] nm. Argyll
[earrann] nf. g.v. -ainn; pl.+an, portion, share, section, division
[earras] nm. g.v. -ais; pl.+an, wealth, property
[ear-thuath] nm. the north-east
[eas] nm. pl.+an, waterfall, cataract, cascade
[easbhuidh] nf. pl.+ean, want, defect : dh' easbhuidh, awanting, without, in need of
[easbuig] nm. pl.+ean, bishop
[Easgag] pnf. g.d. -aig, meaning `little ready and willing one'
[easgaid] nf. pl.+ean, a hough; also iosgaid
[asgaidh] a. ready, willing to oblige
[asgaidheachd] nf.ind. readiness to oblige
[Easgair] in : Mac an Easgair, surname rendered in Eng. `Fisher'
[Easgan] pnm. g.v. -ain, meaning `little ready and willing one'
[easgann] nf. g.d. -ainn; pl.+an, eel
[eathar] nm. g.v. -air; pl. eathraichean, boat
[ibheall] nf. g. -le; d. -ill; pl. -lean, a live coal
[ibhinn] a. joyous, happy; odd
[ibhleag] nf. g.d. -eig; pl.+an, a live cinder
[iceart] nm. g.v. -eirt; pl.+an, injustice, evil
[eich] See each
[id] va. dress, clothe, array
[ideadh] nm. g.v. -idh; pl. -idhean, clothing, suit, apparel, armour
[Eideard] pnm. Edward
[eidheann] nf. g. -ne; d. -inn, ivy
[eigh] nf. g.+e; ice
[igh] va.+each, shout, cry, proclaim
[igheach] nf. g.d. -eich, a cry, crying, proclaiming
[iginn] nf. necessity, distress, compulsion : is iginn domh, I must, I have to : air iginn, with difficulty, under compulsion
[iginneach] a. necessitous, indispensable, oppressive
[iginneach] nm. g. -ich; pl. -ichean, one in extremity
[igneach] a. See iginneach
[eil] for feil, is, are, am, art
[eile] a. other, another
[eilean] nm. g.v. -ein; pl. -einean, island
[eilid] nf. g. ilde; pl. ildean, hind, female deer
[eireachdail] a. -ala, handsome, becoming, proper, graceful
[eireag] nf. g.d. -eig; pl.+an, pullet, young hen
[irich] va. -igh, arise, rise
[eiridinn] nm. attendance on the sick, nursing
[eiridinn] va. nurse, cherish
[eiridneach] nm. g.v. -nich; pl. -nichean, patient
[irig] nf. pl.+ean, ransom, forfeit, reparation
[irigh] v.n. rising : irigh na grine, sunrise
[irinn] pnf. g. -eann, Ireland; better ire
[is] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, respite, defect, delay, hindrance
[isd] vn.+eachd, hear, listen, hearken
[isdeachd] nf.ind. listening, earshot, hearing
[isdear] nm. g.v. -eir; pl.+an, hearer, listener
[isg] See iasg
[eisimeil] nf. g. -ealach; pl. -ealaichean, obligation, reverence : 'nad eisimeil, in your reverence, dependent on you, under obligation to you
[eislinn] nf. pl.+ean, the board on which a corpse is laid (L.Sc. strachtin-board); also a bier
[Eghann] pnm. g.v. -ainn, rendered in Eng. `Hugh', `Eugene', `Ewen', `Ewing' and `Evan'; also Eghan
[ein] See eun
[el] nm.ind. knowledge : cha 'n el dhomh, I don't know, I have no knowledge of
[elach] a. acquainted, knowing, skilled : elach air, acquainted with him or it, having knowledge of it
[elas] nm. g.v. -ais; pl.+an, knowledge, acquaintanceship
[erna] nm.ind. barley
[esan] emph.pron. he, him
[eucail] nf. g. -alach; pl.+ean, disease, infirmity
[euchd] nm. pl.+an, feat, achievement, exploit
[euchdach] a. heroic, valorous, performing achievements
[eucoir] nf. g. -orach; pl.+ean, injustice, wrong, injury
[eucorach] nm. g. -aich; pl. -aich, an unjust person, wrong doer
[eucorach] See eucoir
[eud] nm.ind. envy, zeal, jealousy
[eudail] nf. pl.+ean, treasure; cattle; term of endearment : m' eudail, my treasure, darling
[eudar] for feudar in the phr. : is fheudar, it is necessary
[eug] nm. g.v. ig, death
[eug] vn. die, expire, perish : dh'eug e, he died
[eugmhais] nf. possession, dispensation : as eugmhais, without
[eun] nm. g.v. ein; pl. ein, bird
[eunach] nm. g.v. -aich, fowling, shooting birds
[eunlaith] nf. all feathered species
[eur] va. and vn. refuse



[fa] prep. having the force of mu, but not used except in : fa chomhair, opposite : fa leth, apart, separately : fa dheidh, at last, and similar phrases
[fbhar] nm. g.v. -air; pl.+an, favour
[fac], [faca] va.irr. saw
[facal] nm. g.v. -ail; pl. -ail and -lan, word; also focal
[facas] va.irr. was seen : cha'n fhacas, was not seen
[faclair] nm. pl.+ean, dictionary, vocabulary; also foclair
[fad] nm.ind. length; during : fad na h-ine, during the whole
time : air fad, wholly, altogether, on the whole
[fada] a. faide, long, far
[fadadh] v.n. kindling, lighting
[fadadh-cruaidh] nm. g.v. -aidh-chr-, rudimentary rainbow, a `dog-tooth'
[fadaidh] va. -adh, kindle, inflame
[fadal] nm. g.v. -ail; pl.+an, delay, longing, weariness
[fadhail] nf. g. -lach; pl. -laichean, extensive beach, a sea ford
[fg] va.+ail, leave, forsake, quit, abandon
[fgail] v.n. leaving, forsaking, quitting, abandoning
[fgail] nf.ind. anything left, idiosyncrasy
[fagasg] See fagus
[faghaid] nf. pl.+ean, hunting party
[fagus] a. faisge, near : fagus do, near; n. : am fagus, present
[faic] va.irr. see, look, behold
[faiche] nf. pl.+an, a green by a house, field
[faicheachd] nf.ind. parading, military parade, exercising in the open field
[faicill] nf. caution, care, watchfulness
[faicilleach] a. cautious, wary, guardedly
[faicinn] v.n. seeing, looking, beholding : ri (and r'a) fhaicinn, to be seen
[faide] nf.ind. length, degree of length
[faide] a. longer, longest; farther : na 's faide sos, farther down
[faidhir] nf. g. -reach; pl. -richean, a fair, a market
[faigh] va.irr. get, find : faigh as air, get away from him
[faighneachd] v.n. asking
[faighnich] va. -eachd, ask
[faighteadh] va.irr. would be got
[failc] va. bathe
[fileadh] g.v. -idh, smell, savour; sense of smell
[faileas] nm. g.v. -eis; pl.+an, reflection, shadow
[filidh] a. gently, slowly; for filidh
[fillinn] nf. pl.+ean, a failing
[filte] nf. pl.+an, salute, salutation, welcome, hail!
[filtich] va. salute, welcome
[fainear] phr. word, under or into consideration : thoir fainear, observe, consider; accented on the second syllable; also fa'n ear
[fair] va. bring, fetch : fair a nall, bring over here
[fairbheanadh] nm. g.v. -aidh; pl. -aidhean, warning, notice
[fairche] nm. pl.+an, hammer, mallet
[faire] nf.ind. watch, watching, watchfulness
[fire] nm.ind. dawn, break of day, the horizon
[faireach] a. watchful
[faire-chlaidh] nf. watching a grave (against corpse lifting)
[fairge] nf. pl.+annan and +achan, sea, ocean
[fairich] vn. feel, perceive, note
[fairtlich] va. overcome, baffle : dh' fhairtlich e orm, it beat me to do it
[fisg] va. fsgadh, squeeze, wring, compress
[faisg] a. near : faisg air, near to it
[faisge] a. nearer; nearest, nether
[fisneachd] nf.ind. a prophecy
[fl] nm. g.v. fil; pl. fil, scythe, spade, peat spade
[falach] nm. g. -aich, hiding : am falach, in hiding, hidden
[falach-fuinn] nm. a going out of sight; inflected on first element
[falaich] va. -ach, hide, cover
[falamh] a. failmhe, empty
[falbh] va. go, depart
[falbh] nm. moving about, going, walking : air falbh, gone away
[falbhan] nm. g. -ain, moving about, habit of walking
[falbhanach] a. given to walking; nm. g. -aich; pl. -aich, wanderer
[falchaidh] va. will hide, will cover
[fallan] a. healthy; usually fallain
[falluing] nf. pl.+ean, mantle, cloak
[fallus] nm. g.v. -uis, sweat, perspiration
[falt] nm. g.v. fuilt, human hair
[famh] nm. g.v. faimh; pl. faimh, a mole
[famhair] nm. pl.+ean, giant
[fan] vn.+tainn, stay
[fanaid] nf. mocking, mockery, derision
[fa'n ear] See fainear
[fang] nm. g.v. faing; pl.+an, sheep pen, prison, den
[fann] a. fainne, weak, faint
[fantainn] v.n. staying
[faob] nm. g.v. faoib; pl.+an, excrescence, knob, piece as of dough
[faobhar] nm. g.v. -air; pl.+an, edge
[faochag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, periwinkle
[faod] vn. faotainn, may, be able to : faodar, it may be : dh' fhaodadh e, it might : dh' fhaodadh gu'n, it might be that : math dh' fhaodteadh, it might well be, possibly
[faoileag] nf. g.d. -eig; pl.+an. See faoileann
[faoileann] nf. g.d. -inn; pl.+an, seagull
[faoilteach] nm. g.v. -ich, the last fortnight of winter and the first fortnight of spring
[faoin] a. vain, foolish, silly, unwise, void
[faoineachd] nf.ind. folly, vanity
[faoineas] nm. g.v. -eis, folly, vanity, silliness
[faoinsgeul] nm. and nf. g.d. -eil, pl.+an; vain or idle tale
[faotainn] v.n. getting, finding
[faothaich] va. and vn. relieve, be relieved from
[far] where, upon : far an d' fhg mi e, where I left it
[fradh] nm. g.v. -aidh; pl. -aidhean, ladder, the shrouds of a ship
[frdach] nf. g.d. -aich; pl. -aichean, house, mansion, home, dwelling
[fardorus] nm. g.v. -uis; pl. fardorsan, lintel of a door. Also ard-dorus
[farmad] nm. g.v. -aid, envy
[farpuis] nf. pl.+ean, contest, contention, competition, strife
[farradh] nm. g.v. -aidh; pl. -aidhean, freight, fare
[frradh] nm. g.v. -aidh, litter, straw or brushwood in a boat
[farraid] va. farraid, ask, enquire
[farsuing] a. wide
[farum] nm. g.v. -uim, noise
[fs] vn. fs, grow, increase
[fs] v.n. growing, increasing
[fs] a. -a, empty, waste, hollow, void
[fsach] nm. g.v. -aich; pl. -aichean, desert, wilderness
[fsail] a. -ala, desert, lonely
[fasan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, fashion
[fasgadh] nm. g.v. -aidh; pl. -aidhean, protection, shelter
[fsgadh] v.n. wringing, squeezing, compressing
[fasgnadh] v.n. winnowing
[fth] nm.ind. cause, reason, opportunity
[fathast] yet, still
[fathunn] nm. g.v. -uinn, rumour, news
[feabhas] nm. g.v. -ais, `betterness', goodness, improvement, recovery; excellence
[feachd] nm. pl.+an, army, host, military forces; time, journey
[fead] nf. pl.+an, a whistle, smart blow
[feadan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, a whistle, flute, chanter of bagpipe, a spout
[feadh] nm.ind. extent, length : am feadh, while : air feadh, throughout, among
[feadhainn] nf. g. feadhna or -nach, those, folk, some people, troop
[fairrde] a. better of
[feairt] See feart
[fealla] nf.ind. treachery
[fealla-dh] nf.ind. a joke
[feall-fhalach] nm. g. -aich, ambuscade
[feallsanachd] nf.ind. philosophy
[feamainn] nf. g. -ann or -nach, seaweed
[feann] va. skin, flay
[feannadh-builg] nm. divesting of the whole hide; inflected on the first element
[feannag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, a hooded crow (L.Sc. hoodie-craw)
[fear] nm. g.v. fir; pl. fir; v.pl. fheara, a man, one : fear-an-tighe, the man of the house (L.Sc. the guidman) : fear-psda, married man : fear-a'-bhaile, the farmer : fear-cinnidh, clansman : fear-ionaid, substitute : fear-aobhair, the man required : fear-brathaidh, betrayer : fear-falbh, traveller
[fearail] a. -ala, manly
[fearann] nm. g.v. -ainn; pl. -ainn, land, farmland, estate
[fearas-chuideachd] nf.ind. diversion
[fearg] nf. g. feirge; d. feirg, anger, wrath, rage, ire
[farr] a. better : is farra dhuit, it is better for you : b'fharr leis, he would rather
[fearsaid] nf. pl.+ean, spindle, dart
[feart] nf. g.d. feirt; pl.+an, attention, notice : na toir feart air, pay no heed to him
[feart] nf. g.+a; d. feirt; pl.+an, virtue, efficiency, deed, attribute, inherent quality
[feasd] for : am feachd-sa : am feasd, for ever, used along with the negative in the sense of `never'
[feasgar] nm. g.v. -air; pl. -raichean, afternoon, evening
[fath] nm. pl.+an, calm, tranquility
[fidh] See fiadh
[file] nf.ind. generosity, hospitality
[fileadh] nm. g.v. -idh; pl. -eachan, the kilt : am fileadh beag, philabeg
[fill] nf. g.+e; pl. -ean, or -tean, feast, festival, fair, market
[fin] self, follows the n., pron. or adj., as : mo ch fin, mo ch bn fin, mi fin
[fineil] a. selfish
[Finn] pnf. g.+e, the race, or country comprising the Fianns
[fin-spis] nf. g.+e, self-love, self-conceit
[fin-spisealachd] nf.ind. self-admiration
[fin-spiseil] a. self-admiring
[fin-uaill] nf. g.+e, self-pride
[feith] va. and vn.+eamh, wait, serve
[fith] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, sinew, vein
[feitheachd] nf.ind. waiting, serving
[feitheamh] v.n. waiting, serving
[fisd] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, feast, entertainment
[fedar] nm. g.v. -air, pewter
[feil] nf. g. fela, flesh
[feir] See feur
[feirling] nf. pl.+ean, farthing
[ferag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, squirrel
[feraich] va. inquire, inquiring, asking
[feuch] va.+ainn, see, behold, try : dh' fheuch, to try
[feuchainn] v.n. trying, beholding
[feudail] nf. g. -alach, cattle
[feudar] v.pass. used as a noun in the phrase : is fheudar, it is necessary : is fheudar dhuit, you must
[feum] nm. g.+a, need, use
[feum] va. and vn. be in need of, must, needs must : am feum thu, will you need? : feumaidh mi, I must : dh' fheumadh iad, they would need : feumar, must be
[feumach] a. needy : nm. g. -aich; pl. -aich, a needy person
[feumail] a. -ala, needful, useful, necessary
[feum-sgaoilte] a. lithe, free
[feur] nm. g.v. feir, grass, hay
[feur-saidh] nm. hay; inflected on the first element
[feusag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, beard
[feusgan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl. -ain, mussel
[fheudar] See feudar
[Fhnn] See Fionn
[fhuair] va.irr. got, found
[fhuaras] va.irr. was got
[fiacaill] nf. pl. -lan, tooth
[fiach] nm. g.v. fich; pl.+an, value, worth; debt, arrears
[fiach] a. +a, worthy, valuable, good
[fiadh] nm. g.v. fidh; pl. fidh, a deer
[fiadhaich] a. wild, savage, tempestuous, boisterous
[fiadh-bheathach] nm. g.v. -aich; pl. -aichean, wild beast; inflected on the second element
[fial] a. +a and file, generous, liberal, bounteous
[fialachd] nf.ind. generosity, liberality, bounty, hospitality
[fiamh] nm. g.+a, hue, tinge, a trace, aspect
[fiamh] nm. g.+a, awe, reverence
[fianuis] nf. pl.+ean, a witness, evidence, testimony
[fiar] a. +a, crooked, twisted, curved, bent
[fiaradh] nm. g.v. -aidh, inclination, obliquity, slanting : car am fiaradh, somewhat slantwise
[fichead] num. g. -id; pl.+an, a score, twenty
[fdeag] nf. g.d. -eig; pl.+an, reed, whistle
[fidheall] nf. g. fdhle; d. fidhill; pl. fdhlean, fiddle, violin
[fdhlear] nm. g.v. -eir; pl.+an, fiddler
[figh] va.+eadh, weave
[fileanta] a. eloquent, fluent, ready of speech
[filidh] nm. pl.+ean, poet. Better file
[fill] va. +eadh, fold
[filleadh] v.n. folding
[fine] nf. pl.+achan, clan, tribe, kindred
[fneachd] nf.ind. fineness
[fnealta] a. -eilte, elegant, fine
[fnealtachd] nf.ind. elegance, fineness
[fiodh] nm. g.+a, timber, wood
[fodhlair] See fdhlear
[fiodhull] See fidheall
[Fofa] pnm. Fife
[fon] nm. g.+a, wine
[fionn] a. -a, white, fair
[Fionn] pnm. g.v. Fhnn, the principal leader of the Fianns. See Finn
[fionnar] a. cool
[Fionnlairig] pnf. Finlarig
[fionnsgeul] nm. and f. g.v. -eil; pl.+an, fable, romance
[for] a. true, genuine, pure : foruisge, pure spring water
[forair] nm. cultivated inhabited land
[for-eun] nm. eagle. See freun
[fios] nm. g.+a, knowledge, information, notice, message
[fiosachd] nf.ind. foretelling, divination, fortune-telling
[fiosrach] a. well-informed, intelligent
[fiosraich] va. inquire, investigate, examine
[fir] See fear
[fireach] nm. g.v. -ich; pl. -ichean, hill ground, moor, mountain
[fireann] a. male, masculine
[freantachd] nf.ind. righteousness
[freun] nm. g.v. -ein; pl. -ein, eagle
[frinn] nf. pl.+ean, truth
[fitheach] nm. g.v. -ich; pl. -ich, raven
[fi] a. worthy, estimable
[fiughair] nf. pl.+ean, earnest expectation, hope : tha fiughair agam ris, I expect him
[firan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl. -ain, straight young tree, a youth
[Flnras] pnm. g.v. -ais, Flanders
[flapraich] nf. flapping
[flath] nm. g.v. flaith; pl. flaithean, chief, prince, noble
[flathail] a. noble, stately
[fleadh] nm. g.+a; pl.+an, feast, banquet, entertainment
[fleasgach] nm. g.v. -aich; pl. -aich, young man, bachelor
[flichneachd] nm.ind. sleet
[fliodh] nm. g.+a, chickweed
[fliuch] a. fliche, wet
[flr] nm. g.v. flir, flour
[fo] prep. under, beneath, below, at the foot of
[focal] nm. g.v. -ail; pl. -ail and -lan, word. See facal
[fochaid] nf. mocking, scoffing, deriding
[fochaideach] a. mocking, scoffing, deriding
[fochair] nm. vicinity, presence : am fochair, in the vicinity of
[fochann] g.v. -ainn; first shoots of corn (L.Sc. braird)
[foclair] nm. pl.+ean, dictionary, vocabulary. See faclair
[fodha] prep.pron. under him
[fodhad] prep.pron. under you, s.
[fodhaibh] prep.pron. under you, pl.
[fodhainn] prep.pron. under us
[fodham] prep.pron. under me
[fodhpa] prep.pron. under them
[fgair] va.+t and -radh, expel, banish, chase
[fgarrach] nm. g.v. -aich; pl. -aich, exile
[foghainn] vn. -nadh, suffice, serve the purpose
[foghainteach] a. sufficient, fit, brave, valorous
[foghar] nm. g.v. -air; pl. -airean, a tone, vowel
[foghar] nm. g.v. -air; pl. -aran, autumn, the harvest time
[fghluim] vn. -um, learn
[fghlum] nm. g.v. -uim, learning, acquired knowledge; teaching, instructing
[fghnadh] v.n. serving the purpose, sufficing; also subjunctive mood of foghainn : na dh' fhghnadh dh, what would serve for him
[fid] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, clod, peat, turf, sod
[foidhidinn] nf.ind. patience
[foidhidneach] a. patient
[foidhpe] prep.pron. under her
[foighnich] va. inquire, ask. See faighnich
[fil] a. slow, stately; calm, tranquil, gentle, mild
[filidh] a. same meaning as fil. See filidh
[foill] nf. g.+e, treachery, fraud, deceit
[foilleil] a. -eala, treacherous, fraudulent, deceitful
[foillsich] va. reveal, publish, disclose, make manifest, declare
[foillsichear] nm. g.v. -eir; pl.+an, publisher
[foinne] nm. pl. foinnean, wart
[foinnich] va. temper, as iron
[fireigneadh] nm. g.v. -idh, violence, oppression
[foirfe] a. perfect
[foirfeach] nm. g.v. -ich; pl. -ich, an elder of the church
[firneart] nm. g.v. -eirt, oppression, violence, force
[fois] nf. g.+e, leisure, rest, peace
[foiseil] a. -eala, restful, peaceful
[follus] nm. g. -uis, publicity : am follus, into notice. Also follais
[folluiseach] a. public
[fonn] nm. g.v. fuinn; pl. fuinn, a tune, an air, good humour
[fonn] nm. g.v. fuinn, land
[Forchu] pnf. Abhainn Fhorchu, the river Forth
[forasach] a. assuming, forward
[Forfhair] pnf. Forfar
[forfhais] nf. pl.+ean, inquiry, tidings
[fortan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl. -ain, fortune
[fortanach] a. fortunate
[fosgail] va. -ladh, open
[fosgailte] a. opened
[fosgladh] v.n. opening
[fradharc] nm. g.v. -airc, vision, view, eyesight, sight
[fraoch] nm. g.v. fraoich, heath, heather
[fras] nf. g. froise; d. frois; pl.+an, shower
[freagair] va. +t and -radh, answer
[freagairt] nf. pl.+ean, an answer, answering
[freagarrach], [freagrach] answering, suitable; liable
[freagradh] nm. g.v. -aidh; pl.+aidhean, an answer
[freasdail] va. -al, attend, wait on
[freasdal] nm. g.v. -ail, serving, attending, waiting on
[freiceadan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl. -ain, watch, guard : Am Freiceadan Dubh, the Black Watch
[freumh] nm. g.+a; v. fhrimh; pl.+an, root, stock, lineage
[frde] nf. pl.+an, animalcule
[frioghan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl. -ain, a bristle
[frionas] nm. g.v. -ais, anger, rage
[frth] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, forest, deer forest
[frith] a. small, trifling; also a prefix meaning `of a lower degree'
[frith-bhaile] nm. village, suburb; inflected on the second element
[fritheil] va. -ealadh, attend, minister
[frithir] nm. rough uninhabited land
[frith-rathad] nm. g.v. -aid; pl. -aidean, byeway
[frg] nf. g. frige; d. frig; pl.+an, hole, cranny, chink, den, crevice, recess
[frgag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, little hole, etc., dim. of frg
[froise] See fras
[fuachd] nf.ind. cold, coldness
[fuadaich] va. expel, drive away
[fuadan] nm. g.v. -ain, expulsion, exile
[fuaigh] va. +eal, sew, stitch, knit, connect
[fuaigheal] v.n. sewing, stitching
[fuaighte] a. sewed, stitched
[fuaim] nm. g.+e; pl.+ean, sound, noise
[fuaimneach] a. sounding, sonorous
[fuaimneachd] nf.ind. noisiness, sonorousness
[fuaire] a. colder
[fuar] a. cold
[fuaradh-froise] nm. the breeze which precedes a shower; inflected on the first element
[fuarag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, meal and water drink
[fuaraich] va. and vn. cool, become cool, make cool
[fuaran] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, spring well
[fuasgail] va. -ladh, untie, loose, free, liberate
[fuasgladh] v.n. untying, loosing, freeing, liberating
[fuath] nm. g.+a, hatred, aversion, abhorrence, hate
[fuathach] a. hateful, abhorrent
[fuathas] nm. g.v. -ais; pl. -ais, a fright, a ghost, a great quantity
[fuathasach] a. horrible, dreadful, terrible; prodigious
[fdar] nm. g.v. -air, powder, gunpowder
[fuidh!] fie! shame!
[fuigheall] nm. g.v. -ill, remainder
[fuighleach] nm. g. -ich; pl. -ichean, leavings, remains, refuse
[fuil] nf. g. fola or fala, blood
[fuileachd] nf.ind. blood feud, bloodshed
[fuileachdach] a. bloody
[fuilear] in the phrase : cha'n fhuilear dhomh, I must
[fuiling] See fulaing
[fuilt] See falt
[fuilteach] a. bloody, cruel
[fuiltean] nm. g.v. -ein; pl. -einean, a single hair
[fuin] va. bake
[fuireach] nm. g. -ich, staying, waiting
[fuirich] va. -each, stay
[fulaing] va. and vn. suffer, endure, allow, permit
[fulang] nm. g.v. -aing; pl.+an, suffering, forbearance, patience, bearing
[fulangas] nm. g.v. -ais, suffering, endurance
[furan] nm. g.v. -ain, welcome reception, kindly recognisance
[furas] nm. g.v. -ais, patience
[furasda] a. fusa, fhusa, fasa and fhasa, easy of accomplishment