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The Warrior Queen of Connacht

The Warrior Queen of Connacht

Chronicles of old Celtic tales tell of a warrior Queen named Maeve of Connacht. The fair -haired Maeve ruled from her bronze -pillared palace in a fortress on top of the hill of Cruachan.

Maeve was Queen in her own right, for the crown of Connacht passed through the female line. Maeve was a valiant warrior and some say an accomplished sorceress. Magnificent but malevolent was Maeve of Connacht, a warrior Queen who sent vast armies to conquer the champions of Ulster and seize the magic bull of Cooley.

Maeve ruled her kingdom with a hand of iron. She sent 1000 warriors to their deaths to go retrieve the magic bull.

At Cooley in Ulster dwelled the Donn, a great brown bull said to be able to sir fifty calves in a day. Maeve was determined to have the Donn of Cooley for her own and so to best her husband. Ailill Maeve`s husband possed the white bull called Finnbennach whose strength and ferocity were matched by non-in Ireland, except for by the Donn.

Maeve had no idea with what forces she was dealing with, for the two bulls were not mere animals. The two animals were bull lords, protectors of the people and of the fertility of the herds. Maeve raged a war against the Champion of Ulster for many months it went on. Finally at Maeve`s retreat she sent eight messengers to lead the Donn of Cooley to Connacht.

This they managed to do. When they brought the bull to Cruachan, however it got scent of the white bull of Connacht and there was no holding it. The great animal pawed the earth and shook the ground and broke free of its chains. Then it charged fiercely.

All who were near enough to see the battle died, for the bulls trampled them to red pulp upon the ground.

The last seen of the Brown Bull in Maeve`s country was his great horns flecked with the flesh of the White Bull of Connacht. The bull lord headed northeast to Ulster. When the bull arrived in Cooley madness came upon it, it killed the people it could find and trampled the fields.

Then it sank to the ground and died. In its rage, its heart had burst. Thus ended the war for the great brown bull of Cooley, with death and destruction, starvation and pain. But Maeve and those with her had vengeance in their hearts. And the man they would seek was the author of their defeat-Culichulain the champion of Ulster. Maeve that day received the title of Warrior Queen of the damned.

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